Casualty SPOILER: Romance on the cards for two unlikely doctors!

Are they meant to be?

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Poor Ethan, since he became a consultant at Holby City Hospital, everything just seems to be going wrong.

From chaos in the ED, to an anonymous blogger dobbing in the whole hospital, he’s really not having a good time of it.

So when he tries to help ease the congestion around the hospital with a new Clinical Decision Unit (CDU) run by the F1s, there’s quite a few people that don’t think it will work.

After making a deal with Jac Naylor (which let’s face it, is like making a deal with the devil anyway) Ethan finds out the hard way that words don’t always mean what you think.

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Ethan Jac Casualty (Credit: BBC)
Will Jac Naylor help with his idea? (Credit: BBC)

But when the blogger releases more inside info, Jac tells Ethan that the board want him to find out who is behind the leak.

He confides in Alicia, not knowing that she’s the one causing all the bad press, but where will it lead?

Could romance be on the cards?

Ethan Alicia Casualty (Credit: BBC)
Ethan confides in Alicia (Credit: BBC)

Meanwhile, Paramedic Ian sees his sister Gem in a new role as a porter in the ED.

She starts off getting in Jacob’s bad books (never a good place to be – just ask Elle!), but it isn’t long before she redeems herself.

And when a care home sees more than just a few residents being admitted to the ED, an unlikely source is revealed as the reason behind the patient admissions.

Can Ethan keep calm under the huge amount of pressure he’s under?

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Ethan Alicia kiss Casualty (Credit: BBC)
Will Ethan and Alicia’s kiss rekindle any feelings between the pair? (Credit: BBC)

And when Alicia and Ethan kiss, will her feelings for Ethan stop the blogs, and more importantly will he find out that his former love is the one behind it all?

Find out on Casualty this Saturday at 8.20pm on BBC1

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