Casualty SPOILER: Blake heads to court but will complications with Miles affect the trial?

It's all go in AND out of the hospital this week

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It’s time for Blake Gardner (played by Kai Thorne) to face the court, and with his mum Elle (Jaye Griffiths) and dad Jacob (Charles Venn) by his side, the teenager tries to do the right thing and pleads guilty to GBH.

Casualty (Credit: BBC)
Its time… to face… the music! (Credit: BBC)

Meanwhile, Miles is getting ready to attend the court when he has a seizure and collapses, ending up back at Holby City ED.

Alicia warns Elle what has happene and, after speaking to her, Elle leaves her son at court to head to the hospital.

She knows with Miles in trouble, any serious complications could affect Blake’s trial.

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So with Elle out of the picture, Jacob steps up his dad duties.

Casualty (Credit: BBC)
Jacob has to be honest for Blake’s sake (Credit: BBC)

Back at the ED, newcomer Bea is busy being Bea.

After walking out on a one-night stand, then cancelling a drink with her after her shift, Bea’s friend Rash tries to help her see that things aren’t quite as they seem with people’s feelings, leading to Bea discovering that Rash has a secret too.

But when a patient with dementia enters the ED, Bea finds her own feelings emerging.

Casualty (Credit: BBC)
Bea’s awkward reunion with her one-night stand! (Credit: BBC)

Actress Michelle Fox who plays Bea told Digital Spy that her character has got a lot going on.

She said: “She’s very confident, she’s very chatty and she’s got a big mouth – which gets her into a lot of trouble. She’s got a bit of a wandering eye which also gets her into trouble as well.”

“She wants to portray someone who is very confident, very happy and knows exactly what she’s doing, but she has a lot to hide. I think people think they know a lot about her but they don’t really know anything.”

“As the episodes go on, she finds it more and more difficult to hide who she is. She likes to hide behind her emotions, but as the stress of the job gets worse, she finds that increasingly difficult.”

Sounds complicated!

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Another mixed up moment in this episode of the hit medical show will also see Elle torn as she tries to find out what’s going on with Miles, even though her own son is still at court.

Casualty (Credit: BBC)
Elle finds herself looking after Miles (Credit: BBC)

She finds herself looking after Miles, the boy who Blake assaulted, after he has emergency surgery, hoping that the injuries he has sustained are not because of what happened with Blake.

Will Elle be able to help clear Blake’s name by not being in the court with him, or will Blake blame her for not being there when he needed her most?

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