Casualty fans left heartbroken after shock Connie twist

Is she really going to die?

Fans of Casualty, and Connie Beauchamp in particular, were left devastated after Saturday’s episode in which she refused treatment for her rare heart tumour.

Viewers were left reeling last week when the diagnosis came back to say Connie was suffering from the tumour and that was what had been affecting her breathing.

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But last night she got the news everyone was fearing: the tumour is most likely to be malignant.

Knowing treatment is her best option, it was after speaking to Ethan who, without knowing the full situation, told her: “We’d be lost without you”, that she made a startling decision.

Putting in the call to her consultant, Connie told him she wouldn’t be having any treatment and wanted no intervention in her condition at all.


Fans were distraught as they flooded Twitter, begging the doctor to change her mind.

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And there were many who were so upset at the prospect she might leave the show that they threatened to switch off.

Actress Amanda Mealing, who plays Connie, sparked concern earlier this week with a tweet reading:

“And that, ladies and gentlemen, is that! It’s been emotional. No! Really, it’s been emotional. See you on the other side! Xx.”

Fans were quick to speculate that that, coupled with Connie’s shock diagnosis, meant she was definitely leaving the show.

“Well that’s not reassuring at all,” commented one person.

Another added: “Please elaborate and save your many many fans from some emotional distress.”

“Wait…… what does this mean!!!!????” a third begged to know.

Is Connie leaving Casualty?

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