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Carol McGiffin returns to Loose Women and says lockdown was ‘unnecessary’

Viewers weren't impressed with her opinion

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Carol McGiffin returned to Loose Women today after 78 days away from the show.

The outspoken panellist revealed she had been absent for so long because where she lives in France they still use dial-up internet so she hadn’t been able to connect to them!

But now able to get back online, she made sure she made up for lost time by immediately ranting about lockdown.

Carol was back with the Loose Women (Credit: ITV)

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She left the viewers at home – and some of the panel – shocked when she said she felt lockdown was ‘unnecessary’.

Lockdown ‘unnecessary’

“I hate it,” she revealed. “It’s not so much the staying in, I love our house where we live, I like Mark, I don’t mind being with him all the time. It’s more the being told I can’t do anything I can’t go out.

“Also, I know most people don’t agree with this, but I’m not sure the whole lockdown was entirely necessary.

“There are a lot of people saying that now, so I do think there should have been more questions asked at the beginning.”

Stacey Solomon then asked Carol how she felt about face masks – and also, if she didn’t think we should have locked down, what was the solution.

Stacey wanted to know if Carol had another solution (Credit: ITV)

It wasn’t necessary to lock up.

“I haven’t got the solution, it’s not my job to have the solution,” Carol replied.

Carol tells Loose Women of the ‘damage’ done by lockdown

“I just think it wasn’t necessary to lock up. I don’t even like the term, I prefer to call it locked up because I feel like I’m being locked up.”

She added: “I don’t think it was necessary to lock a lot of really healthy people up because as we now know this virus does pick its victims.

“Most people who don’t have any pre-existing conditions or are not particularly elderly would probably have mild symptoms or none at all and that was admitted by Chris Whitty really early on.

“I think the damage that it’s done shutting everything down is incredible and I’m not sure how long it’s going to take to come back from that, and I’m not sure we ever will come back from it.”

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No to face masks

“The mask thing, I really object to it. I’m not saying people shouldn’t wear them if they want to wear them and I’m not saying they do that much good, but I see people in cars on their own wearing a mask!

“I don’t understand it at all, it’s like this perpetual fear.”

Christine then cut in and said we’d never know what the alternative to lockdown would have been and we just had to follow the goverment regulations.

Viewers at home immediately called Carol out on her opinions.

Many referred to Kate Garraway‘s emotional interview on Good Morning Britain earlier and insisted Carol shouldn’t be so disrespectful.

What did viewers say?

Did anyone agree with Carol?

There was a small minority who thought Carol had a point though…

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