Carmel: Who Killed Maria Marta Garcia Belsunce? What are the main theories?

The latest Netflix true crime documentary is set to take the world by storm

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Carmel: Who Killed Maria Marta? is the latest Netflix documentary to have taken the world by storm.

The four-part series explores the death of Argentinian celebrity Maria Marta Garcia Belsunce. On October 27, 2002, the TV star’s lifeless body was found in her bathroom.

While at first ruled an accident, evidence to the contrary quickly emerged and the mystery unravelled to become one of the most talked-about murder cases in South American history.

But who did really kill Maria Marta?

***Warning: Spoilers detailing facts from the documentary’s four episodes follow***

Maria Marta’s murder is one of Argentina’s most shocking murder cases (Credit: Netflix)

Maria Marta Garcia Belsunce was killed by her husband

The main theory to emerge over the course of the investigation was that Maria Marta’s husband, Carlos Carrascosa, was responsible for the murder.

His claim was that he returned from watching a football match with his family. When he went upstairs to find Maria Marta she was lying face-down in the bath and unresponsive.

Later it emerged that Carlos, along with Maria Marta’s brother, brother-in-law, doctor and masseuse all gathered in the villa to decide what course of action to take after discovering her body. Even more suspiciously, a doctor later signed a death certificate claiming she had died from a heart attack.

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Authorities alleged that Carlos killed Maria Marta after she discovered that he was laundering money for a Mexican drug cartel using her bank accounts. Fearing she would tell the police, he hatched a plan to bump her off.

A family friend also alleged that Carlos had paid for a hasty burial in order to avoid an autopsy.

When the delayed autopsy finally took place, pathologists found five bullets in her skull. Obviously, her death was no longer just an accident.

Carlos, however, has always maintained his innocence.

The former broker was sentenced to life in prison in 2004 after being found guilty of aggravated homicide. In 2016 he was acquitted of the crime, and as a result, was released from prison.

DNA analysis found that he did not match any of the blood samples at the crime scene.

Maria Marta’s husband, Carlos, has been acquitted over her murder (Credit: Netflix)

Maria Marta’s neighbour murdered her during a robbery

Nicolás is currently serving time in prison for two armed robberies.

According to Maria Marta’s family, Nicolás may be the one responsible for her tragic death.

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At the time of her passing, Nicolás already had a criminal record for robbery and fraud. Those close to Maria Marta have alleged that she may have stumbled upon Nicolás robbing her home.

While he had an alibi at the time, three teenage witnesses claim to have seen him jogging near Maria Marta’s home on the day of her death.

The murder of Maria Marta Garcia Belsunce shocked a nation, and as a result, left many questions unanswered (Credit: Netflix)

Maria Marta’s family covered up the crime

A bizarre fact emerged during Carlos’ trial that sent shockwaves around Argentina.

According to the autopsy, doctors found what appeared to be traces of a chemical present in superglue around her bullet wounds.

As a result, speculation emerged that those closest to her had attempted to cover up the crime from police.

To make matters worse, Maria Marta’s brother, Horacio García Belsunce, allegedly called a police commissioner and asked him to keep authorities “off this back”.

Whatever happened, on the day of Maria Marta’s death, not a single police officer attended the scene.

Carmel: Who Killed Maria Marta? is available to stream on Netflix.

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