Carla Connor will have a shocking fling as she returns to Coronation Street with a big secret

Actress Alison King promises great scenes ahead

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Coronation Street actress Alison King has promised there are “great scenes” ahead as her character Carla Connor makes a dramatic return to Weatherfield this Christmas.

Alison left the soap 18 months ago and intended to stay away for two years but was begged to return early by producer Kate Oates.

They have a number of juicy storylines planned for the feisty businesswoman, including a steamy fling that will send shockwaves around the cobbles when it gets out.

A soap insider told The Sun who the affair will be with.

Their source revealed: “Carla has always been a character who gets what she wants.

“On her return to the Cobbles this Christmas, she’ll really stir things up by sleeping with Daniel, Peter’s half-brother.

“Peter will find out when Daniel starts boasting about how steamy things got between him and Carla.”

“Peter tries to play it like he doesn’t care, but he clearly does and Daniel takes great pleasure in winding him up, knowing their history together.”

Carla was married to Peter Barlow until he had an affair with Tina McIntyre and she suffered a miscarriage due to the stress this caused.

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She tried to move on by going away but Alison reveals it’s family that draws her character back to Weatherfield after her brother Aidan will ask for her help to save the ailing factory.

She told Digital Spy: “Her first reaction when he asks her to help him buy the factory is ‘absolutely not’. She just isn’t keen, but then she starts thinking about family.

“Seeing him has made her realise she misses everyone and would like to see them and be with them at Christmas.

“She has been able to switch off from the family. It has been a case of ‘out of sight, out of mind’ but now she can’t stop thinking about them.”

Alison said viewers will see “a different Carla” on her return as she’s “a bit more vulnerable than she has been in the past” due to a big “secret she is keeping”.

She added that Carla will need “family and friends more than she ever has before” due to what she’s hiding.

She will confide in Roy but viewers might have to wait for longer for all to be revealed!

Viewers will get their first glimpse of Carla’s return on December 22 and then she’ll be back with a bang on Christmas Day.

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Alison revealed she has enjoyed playing some other parts during her hiatus but turned down appearing on reality shows including Strictly as she wanted to spend more time with her family.

She said of reprising her role as Carla: “It was like pulling on an old sock or an old pair of stiletto boots!”

Welcome back!