Carla Connor finally returned to Corrie and fans couldn’t cope

The queen of the cobbles is back!

Corrie fans were sent into an absolute meltdown as Carla Connor made her first appearance in the ITV soap since her comeback was announced earlier this year.

After her little brother, Aidan, discovered that his new business partner, Matthew Singh, was planning on stitching him up over Underworld, he told Alya he was pulling out of the deal.

Alya reminded him that they didn’t have the cash to buy the factory on their own, at which Aidan disappeared off to meet someone else who could help them.

He dashed off to a bar and Carla swished in – looking as fabulous as ever.

She’s still got amazing hair (Credit: ITV)

Sadly, Carla wasn’t interested in Aidan’s proposal to come back to Weatherfield and work in a ‘poxy knicker factory’, claiming she has other responsibilities now.

Carla doesn’t want to come back to Weatherfield (Credit: ITV)

Hmm… intriguing.

Her reappearance was brief but viewers were beside themselves!

Elsewhere, Peter decided to get revenge on Billy by getting him sozzled, then kidnapping him.

Peter makes Billy get drunk (Credit: ITV)

He then locked the vicar in the boot of his cab before abandoning it.

If he wanted to torture him, he could have just let him stay at the carol concert long enough to hear Amy’s violin solo.

Meanwhile in tonight’s episode, Todd Grimshaw made his last appearance as he disappeared off in a car with Summer.

And the most disastrous couple to ever walk the cobbles, Tracy Barlow and Steve McDonald hooked up again.

Considering Steve only has to look at Tracy to get her preggers, we’re predicting he might have yet another Corrie kid in 2018.

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