Canada's Drag Race

Canada’s Drag Race: Meet the season 2 queens hoping to snatch the crown

The Great White North is taking over!

Canada’s Drag Race is back baby! And ready to show the world how it’s done in the Great White North.

With a new judges panel, these queens are ready to do whatever it takes to win.

Who will slay the competition and who will be knocked out early?

Get ready to meet the queens looking to snatch your hearts, the crown, and a life-changing cash prize.

Here’s what they have to say before stomping the runway on October 14th

Canada’s Drag Race: Meet the season 2 queens

Adriana - Canada's Drag Race
Will Adriana make it to the top spot? (Credit: World of Wonder)

Adriana (Québec City, Que.)

Age: 29 

Instagram: @adrianathebombshell

TikTok: @adrianathebombshell 

Doing drag makes me feel that I can do anything! All my life I struggled to find something I was good at. Many times I thought I had no talent and no confidence to become the star that I have always wanted to be.

“Drag let me see how amazing I really am. Now, I constantly surprise audiences and leave them asking for more every time.” 

Beth - Canada's Drag Race
Beth is in it to win it (Credit: World of Wonder)

Beth (Vancouver, B.C.) 

Age: 24 

Twitter: @AllThatBeth

Instagram: @allthatbeth_

TikTok: @allthatbeth 

Drag is for any human, or even non-human, who wants to say F#%& YOU to gender stereotypes. It’s about celebrating who we are or even who we’re not and being whoever we wanna be.

“Drag is whatever you want it to be and don’t let anyone ever try and tell you otherwise!”

Eve 6000 - Canada's Drag Race
Can Eve 6000 be this year’s winner? (Credit: World of Wonder)

Eve 6000

Age: 29 (Toronto, Ont.)

Twitter: @alsoabouteve

Instagram: @allabouteve6000

TikTok: @allabouteve6000 

As a trans, non-binary artist, drag is all about expressing the femininity that I wasn’t allowed to express growing up.

“Drag is a tool that we can all use to express our true selves and be seen as we want to be seen.”

Gia has her sights set on stardom (Credit: World of Wonder)

Gia Metric (Vancouver, B.C.) 

Age: 29 

Twitter: @gia_metric

Instagram: @gia.metric

TikTok: @giametric

Canada’s Drag Race is a slingshot that catapults artists to a platform seen by a global audience. I’ve been performing in my bedroom ever since I can remember, and now I get to perform in front of the world.

“I still can’t believe I’m a drag race girl! Mom, I’m a superstar!”

Icesis - Canada's Drag Race
Icesis credits drag for helping her evolve as a person (Credit: World of Wonder)

Icesis Couture (Ottawa, Ont.)

Age: 34

Twitter: @itsqueenicesis

Instagram: @itsqueenicesis

TikTok: @itsqueenicesis

My pure love for the art form of drag and the creative outlet it provides me fuels me to keep evolving, not only as an artist but as a person.

“Drag has shown me that it is okay to be different, it’s okay to have a voice, it’s okay to just be me. To me drag means everything because without it I wouldn’t have found my own strength.”

Can we keep up with Kendall? (Credit: World of Wonder)

Kendall Gender (Vancouver, B.C.)

Age: 30

Twitter: @kendallgenderxo

Instagram: @kendallgender

TikTok: @itskendallgender

Drag to me is a celebration. It is about finding a way to uplift through anything.

“I have faced many adversities in my life and I truly feel like they have all led me to this moment. And because I have gone through the dark parts of life, I can truly appreciate what is to come.”

Kimora - Canada's Drag Race
Kimora aims to serve Black excellence in her drag (Credit: World of Wonder)

Kimora Amour (Scarborough, Ont.)

Age: 34

Twitter: @KimoraAmour

Instagram: @amour_kimora

TikTok: @kimora_amour 

“To me, drag is a form of artistic therapeutic storytelling where you can evoke emotions while telling the story of life.

“Being a part of Canada’s Drag Race is a form of validation. It means you have that little something extra that sets you apart from others. It is the greatest opportunity, and I’m so happy to represent the Black/Caribbean/South American communities.”

Océane hopes to share her creativity with the world (Credit: World of Wonder)

Océane Aqua-Black (Québec City, Que.)

Age: 35 

Instagram: @oceaneaquablack4

TikTok: @oceaneaquablack 

“For me, Canada’s Drag Race is not just a competition show, it’s a wonderful platform where everybody can enjoy my talent and creativity!

“More importantly, I think drag queens give an important voice to the LGBTQ+ community because we represent their superheroes. I hope people will be able to relate to us and we can act as an inspiration to make the world a magical place.”

How will Pythia do in the race? (Credit: World of Wonder)

Pythia (Montréal, Que.)

Age: 26

Twitter: @queenpythia

Instagram: @pythia.queen 

TikTok: @pythia.queen 

Drag for me is the closest thing we have to magic and a method to completely unpack and destroy gender. It grants me the ability to transfigure and embody all of my passions, whether it be theatre, fashion or art, and merge them into one physical form as Pythia.

“I am not a ‘female impersonator’, I am the image of my imagination, a storyteller and a fantasy made into reality.”

Stephanie - Canada's Drag Race
Stephanie is a self-proclaimed singing assassin and rapstress (Credit: World of Wonder)

Stephanie Prince (Calgary, Alta.)

Age: 24

Instagram: @stephaniesbutt

TikTok: @stephaniesbutt

It’s very exciting to be a part of Canada’s Drag Race. The only part of the competition I’m worried about is how jealous the other girls will be of my beauty!”

Suki - Canada's Drag Race
Suki is representing the Asian American Pacific Islander community (Credit: World of Wonder)

Suki Doll  (Montréal, Que.)

Age: 27

Instagram: @_sukidoll

TikTok: @_sukidoll

“C’est moi…Suko Doll, excruciatingly delicious and opulent! Mouahhh”

Synthia - Canada's Drag Race
Synthia has been performing since they were a child (Credit: World of Wonder)

Synthia Kiss (Vancouver, B.C.) 

Age: 29

Twitter: @synthia_kiss

Instagram: @synthiakiss

Synthia Kiss is an homage to all the powerful, talented, and funny women in my life – it’s a complete honour to walk a mile in their high heels, I’ll give them back soon, I swear!”

Canada’s Drag Race series 2 will air weekly from October 14th on WOW Presents Plus

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