Tallia Storm criticises buying dogs during lockdown

Brits buying dogs in lockdown blasted as ‘selfish’ on GMB by Tallia Storm

'My heart aches for these dogs'

Should you buy a dog in lockdown?

That was the question being debated on Good Morning Britain today (July 24).

And singer Tallia Storm didn’t hold back when asked for her thoughts on the matter.

Tallia Storm criticises buying dogs during lockdown
Tallia Storm criticised Brits buying dogs during lockdown (Credit: ITV)

Buying dogs during lockdown branded ‘selfish’

According to the Kennel Club group, there’s been a 180% increase year on year in people buying dogs during lockdown.

Commenting on the statistics, Tallia branded such actions selfish.

She explained: “My little brother is 13 and he has been asking my mum to buy him a dog every day since lockdown started.

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“However, my mum is fully aware that both parents work full time, my brother goes to school and I work full time.

“We might be able to give that dog all the love and affection right now, but what happens in September when we all get our lives back? Who will be giving that dog that love?

Tallia Storm criticises buying dogs during lockdown
The star is concerned for the wellbeing of animals once people return to work (Credit: ITV)

She added: “The Dog Trust has a very famous campaign saying A dog is not just for Christmas, it’s for life.

“At Christmas time, these sales snowball, and by the time January comes, you’ve had that graceful honeymoon period with the dog and your attachment goes slightly.

“People are selfishly are putting themselves first.”

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Tallia went on to reveal that 47,000 dogs were abandoned last year alone.

She stressed: “This was before the global pandemic –  before the 320% surge in dog sales.

“My heart aches for these dogs when everybody gets back to work.”

Love Island Jordan
Jordan Hames defended his decision to get his dog during lockdown (Credit: ITV)

Love Island star defends decision to get dog during lockdown

Former Love Island star Jordan Hames also took part in the debate to reveal he had got a dog during lockdown.

He defended his decision to get a fur baby despite criticism form Tallia.

The reality star explained: “It’s a huge responsibility to get a dog and it’s something I’ve wanted to do my whole life.

“I wanted to get a dog at the right time. I live in a house with four other boys who are all dog lovers. So I ran my decision by them before I did get my dog Cally.

“Someone will always be in the house to watch her when I’m not there.”

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