British Transport Police send hilarious tweet after Line Of Duty finale

Even the police are getting involved!

As the fallout from last night’s Line Of Duty finale continues to rage on, British Transport Police has got involved.

The branch of the police tweeted a hilarious post after it was revealed that young Ryan Pilkington, a member of the organised crime gang, had joined the police.

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The British Transport Police wrote: “Please be assured, our recruitment is much better than this.

“If you’re looking to work with @BTP then please visit to find out about opportunities to join us.”

“OCG members need not apply. Our team follows the letter of the law. The letter! #LineOfDuty”

Delighted fans replied to the post in their thousands.

One fan said, in tribute to Ted Hastings, “now we’re sucking diesel”, while another commented, “genius, whoever wrote it deserves a commendation.”

Another said: “Tweet of the night!”

Ryan has been in the show since the very first series (Credit: BBC)

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It may be all fun and games with the British Transport Police’s tweet, but Ryan Pilkington has proved himself to be a violent killer.

Played by Gregory Piper, Ryan has been in the series from the very beginning.

As an 11-year-old he was seen as early as episode two of series one, supplying burner phones to the OCG.

He even tried to cut off Steve Arnott’s finger with a bolt cutter during a torture scene.

Things came full circle in series five, when viewers saw Ryan cut undercover cop John Corbett’s throat.

Could Ryan be the last of the bent coppers mentioned in Matthew ‘Dot’ Cottan’s deathbed confession?

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