Britain’s Got Talent viewers reckon they have rumbled Magic Marine James Stott’s trick

Simon Cowell was called on to help out

Viewers of Britain’s Got Talent believe they know the secrets behind ‘Magic Marine’ James Stott’s dangerous-looking act.

The former military man called on talent judge Simon Cowell to help him out with his trick during last night’s episode.

Simon, 60, was initially reluctant to get involved with the complicated stunt, apparently involving daggers and explosives.

He asked James: “Is it more dangerous for you or us?”

James’ Britain’s Got Talent act was quite complicated (Credit: BGT YouTube)

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“It’s more dangerous for us,” James replied, indicating Simon was ‘with him’, rather than with the other judges.

An alarmed Simon then ramped up the tension as he hinted he’d prefer to not be a part of the act at all.

I don’t want you to do this just in case something goes wrong.

“Disclaimer here, I don’t want you to do this just in case something goes wrong,” he told James.

But James was not to be discouraged from seeing the elaborate magic display through.

‘You’re going to do what?’ (Credit: BGT YouTube)

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A dagger and ‘explosives’

Simon looked very wary as he was asked to place a military knife under a numbered bag on the judges’ desk.

However, the dagger seemed to be only the start of the danger as James went on to introduce explosives into the mix.

Simon was then brought onto the stage himself as James stood behind five boxes.

Each box was apparently wired up and had a detonator plunger attached.

James’ trick rested on guessing which of the boxes would blow up. And in predicting which one would not be next, he placed the wire from the box into his mouth.

The big bangs made David Walliams jump (Credit: BGT YouTube)

The judges and the studio audience seemed impressed that ultimately James avoided a catastrophic explosion.

Britain’s Got Talent ‘secrets’?

But some of those watching at home had their own theories on how he had achieved it.

“I reckon the Marine box guy, had fuses in each box, that he could switch on/off. Still very dramatic though!” one social media user wrote on Twitter.

Another tweeted: “If you watch back, the Magic Marine blinked when he said number three.

“I think he knew in some way that three was the explosive. No idea how he knew, but he knew.”

And someone else claimed: “Changing the decision at the end only goes to prove he knew which box linked to which detonator.”

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