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Britain’s Got Talent viewers hit out at ‘do not try this at home’ warning

Britain's Got Talent viewers weren't impressed with the warning.

Viewers of Britain’s Got Talent were left cringing on Saturday night.

During one ‘water escape act’ by a pair of Norwegians, Christian and Hans, a warning was issued.

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The show told viewers: “Do not try this at home”.

However, many viewers mocked the warning, arguing it would be almost impossible to replicate the complicated act.

christian hans BGT
Christian and Hans performed the death-defying stunt on Britain’s Got Talent (Credit: ITV)

Especially under the current lockdown measures.

Britain’s Got Talent warning doesn’t impress

One viewer tweeted: “B.G.T don’t try this at home they said escaping from a water filled box. Like I’ve got a stack of chain, handcuffs and a box full of water lying around the house.”

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Another joked: “Love when they say don’t try this at home, yes like we’ve got a glass box just knocking about in our back garden #BritainsGotTalent.”

A third quipped: “Thank God they put that up I was about to get my man sized waterproof box and chain myself up in the middle of the living room #bgt #BritainsGotTalent.”

One user even complained that the BGT viewers must assume the viewers at home are “thick”.

christian britain's got talent
Christian was stuck chained in the tank for several minutes (Image credit: ITV)

The user tweeted: “Pardon me while I squeeze in my fish tank padlocked. Do not try this at home. Sure TV producers think we are all thick #BritainsGotTalent.”

Seeing the funny side

However, many did seem to see the funny side in the rather unnecessary warning.

A further user tweeted: “Dig out my Baywatch Speedos and Padlocks and they then go and say ‘Don’t Try This At Home’ #BritainsGotTalent.”

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And yet another mocked: “Don’t try this at home…if you were thinking of throwing your pet dolphin in the bath and using the tank…don’t! #BritainsGotTalent.”

Despite all the mockery, the stunt was indeed quite dangerous.

Christian told the panel of judges: “I will be locked up inside, chained handcuffed and padlocks.

christian BGT
Fortunately Christian lived another day (Credit: ITV)

“I will be attempting to unpick these padlocks – but first it will be up to you to select the correct key that opens the padlock on the outside of the box.

“So you will be responsible if I survive or not.

Simon asked: “How dangerous is this?”

christian bgt
Was this warning really necessary? (Image credit: ITV)

Christian explained: “Houdini’s record was three minutes 30 seconds. And at that time there is a possibility of dying, yeah.

Simon replied: “OK I am not encouraging you to do it but I am really excited to see it. Good luck!”

The nail-biting act had the studio audience sitting at the edge of their seats.

Luckily judge David Walliams was able to save Christian with the correct key.

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