Bridgerton season 2

Bridgerton season 2: Who is Edmund Bridgerton? Isn’t he supposed to be dead?

He's alive and well (kinda) in series 2!

Bridgerton season 2 drops next month (March) on Netflix and, with it, comes our first look at the patriarch of the Bridgerton family.

The late Edmund Bridgerton is introduced to viewers in season 2.

But how will he appear in the series, given that he died before the series even began?

Read on and we’ll tell you.


Bridgerton season 2
Edmund Bridgerton never got to meet youngest daughter Hyacinth (Credit: Netflix)

Bridgerton season 2: Edmund Bridgerton arrives

The final image in Bridgerton‘s first season – a bee on a windowsill – teased Edmund’s series 2 storyline.

A devoted and loving husband, he found true love with Violet Bridgerton and went on to have eight children together – the last of which, Hyacinth, he never got to meet.

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Edmund died from a bee sting while wife Violet was pregnant, but viewers will see he was a kind and patient father.

He took pride in guiding eldest son Anthony through life, but his death left the eldest of the Bridgerton boys with a sinking feeling that he too would suffer the same fate as his dad.

Anthony was just 18 at the time of Edmund’s death. Edmund – who suffered an allergic reaction – was just 38.

Bridgerton season 2
Rupert Evans has been announced to play the Bridgerton family patriarch (Credit: Splash News)

So how will Edmund appear in season 2?

Actor Rupert Evans has been signed up to appear as the Bridgerton family patriarch.

He is only due to appear in one episode, it’s thought.

It’s expected that he’ll appear in a series of flashbacks, which could also feature a young Violet.

Of course, this would tie into the upcoming young Queen Charlotte spin-off.

That’s due to tell the backstory of Violet, Charlotte and Lady Danbury.

So could Edmund feature in that too?

Bridgerton season 2
Anthony Bridgerton is convinced he’ll suffer the same fate as his dad (Credit: Netflix)

What part does the bee sting play in the second series?

Quite a big one actually since Anthony is convinced he’ll be stung, suffer an allergic reaction and die just like his father.

As a result of the tragedy, Anthony is afraid of bees.

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It also features in a moment between Anthony and new love Kate Sharma (Sheffield in the books), when she’s pursued by a bee and he overreacts to it.

A bee also circles its nest in the Bridgerton opening credits.

And it’s seen on the windowsill when Daphne gives birth, signalling that Edmund is still part of his family’s life.

How did Netflix announce the news of Edmund’s arrival?

Netflix posted the news on Twitter, much to the delight and confusion of fans of the series.

When will Bridgerton season 2 drop on Netflix?

For Bridgerton’s one-year anniversary, the hit series released a video with all the cast.

In the video, the cast read a letter by Lady Whistledown which finally revealed the release date for season two.

They announced that Bridgerton will be returning to our screens on March 25.

So mark up your calendars and get ready for another incredible season!

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