Bridgerton season 2: When does it drop on Netflix and what is the truth about these delay rumours?

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Bridgerton season 2 is one of the most hotly anticipated follow-ups from Netflix.

We’ve waited patiently for news of the next instalment of the steamy Regency romance, so what’s the hold up?

When will all the scandal from the latest social season be back on our screens?

Bridgerton season 2 hold-ups?

The follow-up to the debut series began filming in spring earlier on this year.

But due to Covid outbreaks among the crew, followed by long isolation periods, filming had to be halted twice in July and resumed filming in mid-August.

It’s everything people love so much about the first season but more.

Chris Van Dusen, the creator of the series, told Variety at the time: “We are back underway. We had to delay because of COVID, but we’re back in it. Right now I’m in post production, editing our first couple of episodes, which are looking great.”

And despite the loss of our favourite dashing Duke of Hastings, played by Rege Jean-Page, it sounds like fans are in for a treat with Bridgerton season 2.

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Van Dusen recently teased: “It’s everything people love so much about the first season but more.”

Regé-Jean Page in Bridgerton
Regé-Jean Page in Bridgerton – you’re welcome (Credit: Netflix)

Just last week reports circulated on Twitter that filming for Bridgerton season 2 had been shut down again due to another outbreak of Covid-19.

But queen of gossip Lady Whistledown, aka Penelope Featherington, played by Derry Girls actress Nicola Coughlan, denied it.

She responded with three words: “It’s not true!”

Nicola Coughlan from Bridgerton was in Derry Girls
Nicola denied filming stopped for a third time.(Credit: Netflix)

Will we ever see the Duke again?

Fans including Kim Kardashian were devastated to learn the Duke, Simon Basset, would not be in series 2.

A post from ‘Lady Whistledown’, on Instagram read: “We bid adieu to Regé-Jean Page, who so triumphantly played the Duke of Hastings.

“We’ll miss Simon’s presence onscreen, but he will always be a part of the Bridgerton family,” it continued.

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“Daphne (Pheobe Dynevor) will remain a devoted wife and sister, helping her brother navigate the upcoming social season and what it has to offer – more intrigue and romance than my readers may be able to bear.”

But there is a tiny glimmer of hope for fans.

After being pressed by British GQ about a possible cameo in season 2, Regé-Jean said: “I couldn’t possibly tell you!”

But he added: “Isn’t there something wonderful about being surprised by what you weren’t suspecting?”

Phoebe Dynevor
Phoebe Dynevor reprises her role as Daphne (Credit: Liam Daniel/NETFLIX © 2020)

When will Bridgerton series 2 drop on Netflix?

The debut series had a Christmas launch date.

While fans are hoping it’s that soon, it might not be until early 2022.

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