New Bridgerton cast member Kate Sharma with the boys

OPINION: Sorry not sorry Regé-Jean Page, Bridgerton season 2 is better without you!

The Duke of Hastings actor left after one season

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When Regé-Jean Page left the cast of Bridgerton after just one season I was bereft – what would season 2 be without him?

Surely it would be that little bit less watchable without his handsome good looks, saucy sex scenes and perfect portrayal of the Duke of Hastings.

Netflix had got to be making a huge mistake letting him go.

It’ll never be the same without him! The entire thing will flop! I thought.

Happily I was entirely wrong – and here’s why!

Daphne and Simon from Bridgerton
Season 1 followed the love story of the Duke of Hastings and Daphne Bridgerton (Credit: Netflix)

The new Bridgerton cast members are brilliant

Just a couple of episodes int0 Bridgerton season 2 and I can honestly say I’ve really warmed to the new cast members – and Anthony Bridgerton as this season’s leading man.

To the extent that it was a surprise when Daphne appeared in one of the early episodes, and nothing seemed to really be missing when she had a baby, and not a baby daddy in tow.

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Of course, they are still loved up and don’t fret Daphne fans, she is in the series with the adorable youngster a fair bit.

It doesn’t need saving, and sorry not sorry Regé-Jean, season 2 doesn’t need you.

But having seen season 2, Regé’s departure seems like a kind of natural progression.

Perhaps the actor and the show’s makers knew what they were doing after all…

Watching the new series, you pretty much forget about how much the first season revolved around Daphne and Simon.

I was so engrossed in the love triangle playing out on screen between Anthony – played by Jonathan Bailey – and the Sharma sisters it’s like there wasn’t room in my brain to miss him.

Kate Sharma drinking tea
Kate Sharma is this season’s leading lady, and she’s brilliant (Credit: Netflix)

Bridgerton season 2 introduces the Sharmas

Kate Sharma is just brilliant. A loyal, loving sister, but one who clearly can’t mask her own feelings for Anthony.

Her younger sister Edwina is gorgeous, bright and clever and the girls share a beautiful relationship.

Their backstory is captivating, so I was left wondering what’s next for them, not where is that hunk of a man the Duke of Hastings and please God can he return to save the series.

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It doesn’t need saving, and sorry not sorry Regé-Jean, season 2 doesn’t need you.

Anthony Bridgerton is entirely perfect as the series’ leading man.

The handsome rake has some killer one-liners, sultry smoochy scenes and you get to see his real heart when his father’s death plays out on screen.

It’s the thing, I think, that makes you warm to him the most this series.

That and the Mr Darcy moment where he’s crawling out of a lake in his soaking wet white shirt!

You can thank me for the gratuitous picture later!

Anthony Bridgerton climbing out the lake
Anthony Bridgerton more than proves himself as a worthy leading man (Credit: Netflix)

What does it mean for the series going forward?

What it means for the series as a whole is that Bridgerton will continue to captivate right up until the last of Julia Quinn’s books play out on screen, such is the quality of the writing and the talent on board.

Series 3 – release date TBC – will follow the next eldest Bridgerton brother Benedict in his quest for love.

And, as someone who really doesn’t like change, I’m looking forward to this season’s leading man handing the baton over as he exits stage left.

If it’s as seamless as Anthony taking over from Simon, this time next season I’ll probably be saying: “Anthony, who?”

Bridgerton season 2 drops on Netflix on Friday March 25.

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