Bradley Walsh & Son Breaking Dad

Breaking Dad: Viewers love Bradley Walsh and Barney’s ‘best mates’ relationship

So joyful to watch

Fans of TV presenter Bradley Walsh gushed over his incredible relationship with his son Barney after they watched the latest episode of Bradley Walsh & Son: Breaking Dad.

Last night’s (Wednesday, July 1) instalment of the new special series, which combines series one and two of their road trip show, saw the pair travel to Kentucky and Ohio.

What happened in last night’s episode?

This stop in their adventure included a tense night in a haunted school building and a go at flying a plane over Dayton.

Bradley Walsh & Son Breaking Dad
Bradley Walsh & Son: Breaking Dad viewers are filled with joy seeing their relationship (Credit: ITV)

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As viewers might remember from watching the show earlier this year, Bradley and Barney also attended a rodeo. The Chase presenter broke bones in his back when he was chucked from the back of a bull.

Elsewhere in the episode, the pair climbed a huge rock face – despite Bradley’s massive fear of heights.

Bradders actually broke down in tears over the ordeal. And when the pair reflected on it in the RV afterwards, Barney called his dad his “best mate”.

Bradley Walsh & Son Breaking Dad
Barney told Bradley that he’s his “best mate”as well as his dad (Credit: ITV)

“I hated every second of that,” 60-year-old Bradley said. “It’s a bit of role reversal, because I’m emotional and I can’t get off the cliff. Then I shut my eyes all the way down. You come over and you’re taking care of me.”

Barney told him: “You’re my dad, but you’re also my best mate, you know? And when we do stuff like this, it solidifies it.”

Amazing father/son relationship.

Watching the episode again, a number of viewers were reminded just how incredible Bradley and Barney’s relationship is.

What did viewers say?

Bradley Walsh & Son Breaking Dad
Their adventures continued last night on ITV (Credit: ITV)

One said: “I just love the relationship between Bradley Walsh and his son Barney… they have me in stitches!”

Another asked: “Absolutely love Bradley and Barney Walsh, amazing father/son relationship #BreakingDad.”

A third wrote: “Literally laughing out aloud at #BreakingDad. The relationship Bradley Walsh and his son Barney have is without a doubt par excellence. Father and son and best friends too. #priceless #wonderfultv.”

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Someone else tweeted: “#BreakingDad Love this. Bradley and Barney: brilliant TV. Father and son just so great together. They make me laugh out loud. Barney’s smile lights up the room. So obvious that Barney adores his dad.”

“I absolutely love #Bradley and #Barney’s relationship,” said a fifth, adding: “So lovely to watch.”

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