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The Chase: Bradley Walsh forced to tell contestant off after she breaks the rules

The moment came during her head-to-head with Shaun Wallace

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The Chase host Bradley Walsh had to tell off a contestant yesterday after she made a faux pas on the ITV game show.

The presenter, 60, was forced to halt proceedings while he issued a warning to the contestant, whose name was Storme.

In a tense moment, Bradders laid down the law to the yoga enthusiast after she revealed her answer too early.

Bradley Walsh The Chase
Bradley Walsh had to step in after the contestant slipped up (Credit: ITV)

What happened on The Chase?

The incident occurred about halfway through last night’s instalment of the show.

Storme, who had scooped £4,000 in her cash-builder round, was nearing the end of her head-to-head with Shaun Wallace.

Bradley asked her one final question: “In what film does Helen Hunt play the love interest of Tom Hanks’ character?”

The options were Cast Away, Big and Forrest Gump.

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After Storme and her chaser both made their selection, Storme said: “Not sure about this one.”

She then blurted out: “I’ve gone for Forrest Gump. I think he had a…”

Storme seemed a bit perplexed as Bradley kept asking her the question (Credit: ITV)

What did Bradley Walsh say to The Chase contestant?

That’s when Bradley quickly jumped in, telling her seriously: “Don’t tell me what you’ve gone for, Storme. You’re not allowed to do that.”

Storme put her hand to her mouth and said sorry, before chuckling nervously to herself.

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Bradley then leaned forward and asked her: “What have you gone for? What have you gone for?”

Looking a little awkward, she answered: “I’ve gone for C… Forrest Gump.”

Sadly, Storme answered the question incorrectly (Credit: ITV)

The presenter then repeated: “Don’t tell me what you’ve gone for!” before asking her the question again.

It then became obvious that Bradley was making a joke about the contestant’s mistake.

Laughing, she told him: “You’re going to get me corpsing in a minute!”

Sadly for Storme, she responded incorrectly – the correct answer was Cast Away.

This wasn’t the first time that Brad has told people off on the show. Indeed, earlier this week he accused contestants of not listening.

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