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This Morning viewers slam Boris Johnson for avoiding answering Phil and Holly’s questions

He appeared to grow increasingly cagey

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been slammed by ITV viewers who accused him of continually failing to give straight answers in his interview on This Morning.

The PM, 55, was on today (March 5 2020) to chat about the Government’s response to the coronavirus crisis, the recent flooding and the news he is set to become a new dad again.

He gave something of an update on the coronavirus outbreak (Credit: ITV)

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Presenter Phillip Schofield asked Boris about reports the Government will only be issuing updates on the spread of coronavirus once a week, demanding: “Isn’t it better if we all have all have all the information straight away? We’re not stupid, we can handle the truth, tell us straight away.”

The Prime Minister replied: “I think one of the great things about the British public is they can see very clearly what the balance of risk is, we can see where this is happening and the rate at which it’s spreading.”

After the conversation moved on to the Government’s response to flood-hit communities and then bullying allegations against Home Secretary Priti Patel, the chat moved to more personal areas of the Prime Minister’s life – and he appeared to grow increasingly cagey.

He was reluctant to answer questions about his personal life too (Credit: ITV)

Host Holly Willoughby brought up the news that Boris and his girlfriend, Carrie Symonds, are expecting their first child together.

She asked: “With everything else going on in your life, are you excited about becoming a father again?”

Boris admitted he is “very excited” and Phil, pushing for more of an answer, demanded, “Is that it?”

Phil demanded to know if the PM would be changing nappies (Credit: ITV)

“How good are you at changing nappies?” Phil pressed, with a cheeky grin on his face.

“I… I’m not…” Boris stammered.

“Not going to go there?” Phil asked, before adding: “Will you change nappies?”

“I… I expect so,” the PM conceded reluctantly, but only after Holly urged him to “give it a go”.

“And how have the rest of the family taken the news? Were they pleased?” Phil asked, in light of reports that Boris’ ex wife and children are upset over his baby announcement.

“Well… anyway I… it’s very exciting,” was all he would offer.

Boris Johnson unable to give a straight answer about anything.

Viewers at home rushed to Twitter to ask what was the point of the Prime Minister coming on for an interview if he wouldn’t properly answer the questions.

One said: “Boris did his very best as usual not to directly answer any questions put to him.”

Another wrote: “Boris Johnson is useless on @thismorning, he’s not directly answering anything Phil and Holly are asking so what’s the point of him being on the show? #ThisMorning #BorisJohnson.”

A third said: “Cringing watching @BorisJohnson try to wriggle out of why he didn’t visit the #flooding victims. JUST ANSWER THE QUESTION!”

Someone else tweeted: “Boris Johnson unable to give a straight answer about anything, as per usual #thismorning.”

Others had words to say about his apparent lack of enthusiasm for changing nappies and reluctance to answer a simple parenting question.

“Boris Johnson on #ThisMorning unable to straightforward answer if he’ll change a bloody nappy,” one wrote, adding: “Well done, Great British public for taking us back to 1950.”

“He’s not going to change the nappies?” someone else tweeted. “Boris is literally useless at everything, isn’t he? #ThisMorning.”

One viewer defended him, writing: “Everyone flying on Boris Johnson not changing nappies. How many men actually have changed nappies voluntarily? Not many, if you made it a statistic! Give the guy a break man #ThisMorning.”

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It follows the PM’s speech earlier this week, aired on This Morning, in which he outlined the Government’s four-pronged approach to tackling the coronavirus outbreak.

Speaking from Downing Street, he also offered up some simple hand-washing advice everyone can follow to do their part to help stop the spread of the flu-like bug.

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