Bloodlands on BBC gets a second series despite ‘disappointing’ ending

Some viewers couldn't believe what happened

Bloodlands on BBC One has been raking in the viewers, and thanks to this success the BBC has confirmed that it has been renewed for a second series.

However, amid the news of a second series, the Northern Ireland-set crime drama disappointed viewers who thought they had been short-changed by the ending.


BBC One has renewed Bloodlands for a second series
Bloodlands will be back for a second series (Credit: BBC)

What did the BBC say about series two of Bloodlands?

The twisty-turney cop drama reached its conclusion last night (Sunday March 14) with DI Tom Brannick managing to kill off both Tori and Pat Keenan.

This meant he managed to clear away everyone who knew he was Goliath.

Immediately after the conclusion, the BBC told fans the show had been renewed for a second series.

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The channel said it had been its biggest new drama launch since June 2020, and this success meant that a second series had been ordered.

Executive Producer, Jed ‘Line Of Duty’ Mercurio, said: “Everyone at HTM Television is thrilled our debut production has been recommissioned.

“It’s a tribute to the quality of Chris Brandon’s writing, the hard work of our crew and the brilliant performance of our cast led by James Nesbitt.”

Viewers were disappointed with the finale of Bloodlands
Viewers were disappointed with the finale (Credit: BBC)

What happened in last night’s series finale?

Despite the ratings success some viewers were disappointed with the ending.

Especially after Tom Brannick confirmed he killed the three men in 1998.

He also explained why he was blackmailed by David Corry, who told him he was holding his wife and if Brannick wanted to see her again, he had to do his bidding.

But the question still lingered: what did happen to Tom’s wife Emma?

According to Brannick, he let her go despite finding out she was having an affair with David Corry.

Emma Brannick is alive… somewhere.

How did viewers react?

The fact that Tom got away with it didn’t sit well with some fans.

One viewer said on Twitter: “I am deeply annoyed that he got away with it

“#Bloodlands very unsympathetic main character. Please don’t make a sequel. Disappointing 4 hours.”

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Another wrote: “What a rubbish end. He gets away with it all.

“Hope that doesn’t mean there is going to be another series. #Bloodlands.”

A third steamed: “I really enjoyed Bloodlands, but am not happy it’s ended on a cliffhanger the buggers #bloodlands.”

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