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Bloodlands: Five burning questions after THAT episode two plot twist

Is Emma really dead? Is Tom Goliath?

Bloodlands episode two aired last night (February 28). And, after that shock plot twist right at the end, viewers have so many unanswered questions.

Many have revealed they were left “speechless” by the BBC drama, in which James Nesbitt plays DCI Tom Brannick.

Brannick is forced to confront an assassin named Goliath who haunts his past in order to crack the abduction of a former IRA man.

But after last night’s episode, it appears all is not as it seems with Nesbitt’s character.

If you haven’t watched last night’s Bloodlands this, this article contains spoilers.

James Nesbitt bbc drama bloodlands
Is Tom Brannick Goliath? (Credit: BBC)

So what happened in Bloodlands episode two last night?

Last night’s episode revolved around the recovery of three bodies, none of which turned out to be Brannick’s missing-presumed-dead wife Emma.

At the end of the episode, Brannick took Adam Corry – the brother of one of Goliath’s victims – out to see his brother’s final resting place.

However, things took quite the turn after Corry revealed his brother had been having an affair with Brannick’s wife Emma.

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And, trying to capture a confession on a tape recorder hidden in his pocket, Corry asked Brannick if he is Goliath and ordered the killing of his brother as revenge.

“Tom Brannick, are you Goliath?” he asked.

Brannick realised the tape recorder was in Cory’s pocket and told him no one would hear the recording before shooting him dead.

An action which lead many to believe that Brannick is Goliath.

So, after that shocking plot twist, we’re left with five burning questions from episode two of Bloodlands.

James Nesbitt bbc drama bloodlands
Brannick shot and killed Adam Corry on the island (Credit: BBC)

Is DCI Tom Brannick Goliath?

Viewers seem to think that yes indeed, Brannick is Goliath.

He has been chasing the serial killer since The Troubles in the 1990s when his wife Emma was kidnapped alongside three others mixed up in the conflict.

It appears Goliath is an inside man, with Brannick’s boss DCS Jackie Twomey being the prime suspect up until the elderly Corry brother’s murder at the end of episode two.

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However, it now seems that Brannick killed Adam Corry’s brother as an act of revenge for having an affair with his wife – something confirmed by the fact he was wearing her owl necklace when he died.

Brannick could have then tried to cover his tracks by pinning it on The Troubles and murdering a few other IRA men to hide the motive.

But does Brannick shooting Corry dead confirm this?

DS Niamh McGovern seems to think Emma could be alive (Credit: BBC)

Bloodlands episode two: Is Tom Brannick’s wife Emma really dead?

Right from the beginning of the series we’re lead to believe that Brannick’s wife Emma is dead.

However, new details came to light in episode two. And not only that she was having an affair with one of the murdered men.

Emma worked for a branch of the police force called the 14 Intelligence Company.

While details of what they actually did are sketchy, they did have a link to The Troubles and uncovering people within the IRA.

However, she’s been missing presumed dead since 1998.

The official records state that her cover was blown and she’s in hiding, but Brannick has thought from the offset that she was kidnapped and killed by Goliath.

However, she wasn’t buried on Strangford Lough with the others.

And Brannick’s partner DS Niamh McGovern appeared to believe Emma could be alive and well.

After meeting CSI Dinger in the pub, he reveals Emma – a spook – could have engineered her own disappearance.

“If anyone could, she could,” he told McGovern.

Maybe Emma was in the car with Pat Keenan at the start of episode one?

James Nesbitt bbc drama bloodlands
Pat Keenan is remaining tight-lipped about the identity of his kidnapper (Credit: BBC)

Who kidnapped Pat Keenan in Bloodlands?

Pat Keenan was kidnapped and found in episode one of Bloodlands.

However, who took him remains a mystery.

We know he appears to have been having extra marital affairs and taking Viagara.

He went to a conference and was seen leaving with someone he clearly knew. But their identity remains a mystery as they were just out of the CCTV cameras’ shot.

However, could Emma Brannick somehow be linked to his disappearance?

In the first episode he was seen driving around Belfast with a mysterious woman with brown hair in the car. Could this be Emma?

Tom Brannick, are you Goliath?

It’s possible they could’ve crossed paths during The Troubles…

Tom tried to blackmail Keenan into revealing the identity of the woman, threatening to tell his wife about his affairs.

However, he’s not budging, briefly kidnapping Brannick’s daughter as a warning not to reveal his secrets.

He does, however, send one of his men to kill Siobhan Harkin, the wife of one of the three murdered IRA men buried on the island.

Keenan believes she was involved in his kidnapping, but his hit is foiled when Brannick arrives on the scene and the gunman flees.

bloodlands episode two
There’s something not quite right about DCS Jackie Twomey (Credit: BBC)

What is DCS Jackie Twomey up to?

Something just doesn’t sit right when it comes to Brannick’s boss.

He’s keeping secrets from Tom, taking shady phone calls from a burner phone and he’s strongly against the reopening of the Goliath case.

Last night, in a hint they’re working together to detract from the Goliath case, he was seen meeting Siobhan Harkin and telling her: “We need to be careful.”

Dinger also suggested Jackie might have manipulated the files of Goliath’s victims.

And the now-deceased Adam Corry wrote in his diary that he thought Goliath was Twomey.

However, as we’re only halfway though the series, we’re predicting plenty more twists and turns for the character.

James Nesbitt bbc drama bloodlands
One of the bright yellow cranes is called Goliath (Credit: BBC)

Why is the murderer called Goliath in Bloodlands?

So why is the serial killer called Goliath – and just what is the significance of the postcards of the huge yellow crane?

Well, for those not familiar with the city of Belfast, the yellow Harland & Wolff cranes dominate the skyline.

They feature on the postcard found inside Keenan’s car and it was also by his side when he was found post-kidnapp.

It’s clear the cranes have something to do with the original Goliath investigation.

And it’s also been revealed where the Goliath name came from.

The famous shipbuilding gantry cranes are actually called Samson and Goliath.

Bloodlands continues next Sunday (March 7) on BBC One at 9pm. 

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