Bloodlands episode three

Bloodlands episode three on BBC One: Five burning questions we want answered after watching!

The penultimate instalment ended with another jaw-dropping twist!

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The latest Bloodlands episode delivered exactly what we’d expect from a Jed Mercurio drama – twists and turns aplenty! – so here are the Bloodlands episode three questions we want answering after watching.

The penultimate episode gave us a jaw-dropping cliffhanger ahead of next week’s juicy finale.

Here are all the questions we want answered in the series’ last episode…


James Nesbitt as Tom Brannick opposite Lorcan Cranitch's Jackie Twomey in Bloodlands episode three (Credit: BBC One)
James Nesbitt as Tom Brannick opposite Lorcan Cranitch’s Jackie Twomey in Bloodlands episode three (Credit: BBC One)

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Bloodlands episode three questions: Is Jackie Twoney really Goliath?

Adam Corry thought DCS Jackie Twomey could be Goliath.

After all, he headed the case originally and was the one responsible for shutting it down.

In a letter to Tori, he wrote: “Jackie Twomey is back. The man who stopped me last time.

“This has to be more than a coincidence. There’s going to be another cover up. I can feel the noose tightening.

“If they come for me, I want you to have my collection of leads.”

He added: “Why would Jackie Twomey need to cover this up?

“I can see only one reason. He knows who Goliath is.”

Or, of course, he could be Goliath himself.

The clues add up when Brannick and his team look at Twomey’s police files, and find most of it is redacted either by special branch or intelligence services.

And when Twomey’s historic PO Box number 2421 comes up as a link to a dodgy copper running Joe Harkin as an undercover agent, Brannick becomes convinced he’s Goliath.

And plants evidence in a bid to get his arrested…

At the end of episode three, Brannick has Twomey exactly where he wants him – locked up.

Bloodlands episode three questions: Or is Tom Brannick really Goliath?

Twomey suspects Goliath could be a police officer from his own district.

The officer needs to still be working, and have been active in uniform in 1998.

However, there are only three possible candidates – Dinger, Brannick and Twomey.

Of course, Brannick then becomes Twomey’s number one suspect as he’s the only one who had actually ever met Adam Corry.

Could Brannick have been Goliath all along? He’s certainly clever enough and has Tori exactly where he needs her.

Will Niamh McGovern realise her partner murdered Corry? (Credit: BBC One)
Will Niamh McGovern realise her partner murdered Adam Corry? (Credit: BBC One)

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Is the necklace the missing clue? Has Brannick destroyed it?

In his revealing letter, Adam said: “The necklace was given to my brother by his lover, but I’ve never been able to find out who she was.

“If you can get someone to look at it, perhaps it has someone’s DNA.”

However, Tori takes all of her findings to Brannick – clueless that the necklace belonged to his wife.

DCI Brannick takes all the documents and jewellery away for “evidence”.

But something tells us it won’t ever make it to the police station.

Is Brannick playing Tori like a fiddle? Looks that way from where we’re sitting.

Did Tom Brannick kill his own wife?

If Tom Brannick is Goliath then he killed his own wife.

Even is Brannick isn’t Goliath, he still could have killed his wife and made it look like a Goliath crime…

At first, this seemed a twist too far, but nothing would surprise us at this point!

Tom assassinated Adam Corry when he realised he knew about his wife’s affair with his brother.

All this time, we’ve believed Brannick is trying to discover who killed his wife.

But it’s quite possible that he killed him own wife in a fit of rage about her apparent affair.

After all, hers is the only body that hasn’t been found.

Is Brannick Goliath?
Is Brannick actually Goliath in Bloodlands? (Credit: BBC One)

Bloodlands episode three questions: Will Brannick confess to his daughter?

Brannick looked one blink away from telling his daughter the truth during episode three.

He tells her that he’s not the right person for Tori, saying: “I’m not a good person.”

Will he confess the truth about his shady dealings to his daughter?

Letting her down seems to be the very thing he’s most afraid of.

Bloodlands episode three: a recap

At the end of episode two, viewers saw James Nesbitt’s character Tom Brannick kill Adam Corry in cold blood.

Which raised all sorts of questions about the man we previously considered the hero of the series.

In episode three, the cops are on the hunt for the man who killed Corry – clueless that he’s right next to them!

Where’s AC-12 when you need them?

In the meantime, Tom goes on a date with Tori (played by Lisa Dwan), unaware that she’s the daughter of one of Goliath’s victims.

As the episode progresses, Tom Brannick seems to be playing puppeteer – coercing Tori into doing his dirty work and getting Twomey arrested.

Bloodlands concludes on Sunday March 14 2021 at 9pm on BBC One.

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