Channel 5 drama Blood

Blood: Viewers asking the same question about Adrian Dunbar’s ‘confusing’ Channel 5 drama

Is it a flashback or flashforward?

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The new series of Channel 5 crime drama Blood has left confused fans all asking the same question.

The six-part thriller returned to screens this week with Line Of Duty actor Adrian Dunbar back as Jim Hogan.

Warning! Spoilers ahead.

Channel 5 drama Blood
Blood on Channel 5, starring Adrian Dunbar, has left viewers confused (Credit: Channel 5)

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In the opening of the first episode of the new series, which aired on Monday (April 27), Jim’s daughter Fiona (Grainne Keenan) was seen driving along at night, clearly distraught over something.

She crashed her car into a river and a tense struggle to get herself free from the sinking vehicle, which quickly filled with water, ensued.

Channel 5 drama Blood
The series has included scenes of a car accident (Credit: Channel 5)

As the scene ended, viewers saw a panic-stricken Fiona desperately banging on the window inside the submerged car.

A pivotal flashforward

The rest of the episode then flicked between what was happening to Fiona and the car, and the events leading up to it.

Channel 5 drama Blood
Some viewers aren’t sure where the car crash happens, chronologically, in the story (Credit: Channel 5)

It was a flashforward, leaving viewers guessing what might have caused Fiona to be driving through the night at speed.

Despite viewers being served more of the build-up story last night (Tuesday, April 28) with the second instalment, it seems many are still confused.

Much of the confusion surrounds the car accident and where, chronologically, it is placed in the story.

I’m so confused.

One viewer tweeted: “I’m so confused about #blood, is the crash a flashforward or a flashback? Missed the first series so just basically like ‘???’ the majority of the time.”

Another said: “#Blood @channel5_tv Brilliant series but just a little confused last night. When did the accident happen? And whose remains were found in the boot? I did watch the first series, but when it first aired.”

A third wrote: “Ok I’m confused. Just watched the first episode of #Blood season two. Was Fiona driving into the river a flashback or forwards?”

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Someone else appeared to have switched instead to BBC drama Normal People, which started this week and has since been added in full to iPlayer.

Viewers confused

“Anyone watching #NormalPeople on BBC3?” they asked. “Half the cast of #Blood is confusing me.”

Another complained: “Could the writer of #Blood on #Ch5 make it a little MORE confusing, do you think? No? Well I’m not bloody surprised… what is the point? Do you think it makes you #arty or clever? #FAIL.”

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