Blind Date couple reunited on the TUBE 25 years after he rejected her

They both burst into tears

We could think of nothing worse than bumping into a love interest we’d rejected – less so in a confined space we can’t escape.

This is what happened to two former contestants of Blind Date recently, who saw each other by chance again after 25 years – on a TUBE train.

In a bit of a reverse Gavin and Stacey moment, Essex girl Brigette and Cardiff boy Howard were brought together on Cilla Black’s legendary ITV show in 1992.

Brigette on Blind Date (Credit: ITV)

Brigette, then, 19, flirted up a storm with her then 23-year-old suitor, but he ended up selecting another of the three girls.

Howard back in the day (Credit: ITV)

And that was the last he saw – or thought of – Brigette.

That was until she sat opposite him during a recent trip on the London Underground.

TV host was headed home from Victoria station last week when three loud ladies piled onto the train.

He told Good Morning presenters, Ranvir Singh and Richard Madeley, this morning: “I jumped on the Tube, relaxed, 10 minutes in everything was fine.

“Then three party girls got on – one with a kebab, one with a pasty and the very attractive blonde one sat directly in front of me.

The pair announced there is no chance of love blossoming now (Credit: ITV)

“Within about 10 seconds I thought, ‘You’re familiar, ohh I know you from somewhere’.”

Brigette continued: “And I said ‘I recognise you’…

“You know when you know in a few seconds. Then I remembered his name and said ‘I know who you are’.”

And then – rather bizarrely for two people who met for a few hours more than two decades ago – they both started to cry.

No sooner had they clapped eyes on each other again, than Howard had to get off at his stop – but not before exchanging numbers and getting a selfie.

The thoroughly modern selfie (Credit: ITV/Twitter)

And they caught up on the phone afterwards – Howard is currently single, it transpires.

However, there will be no second chances at love with Brigette – she is now spoken for.

Shame – what a story that would be!