Big Brother faces the axe as Channel 5 boss says he doesn’t want it

The show may disappear from our screens!

Fans of Big Brother, beware.

The series is facing the axe after the head of Channel 5 pretty much said he hated it.

Head of programming Ben Frow, said he would love the channel not run the show anymore.

Big Brother faces the axe after Channel 5 boss says he’d rather the channel not screen it (Credit: C5)

Speaking at the Edinburgh International Television Festival, he said he would prefer Channel 5 to focus on creating its own content rather than running programmes like Big Brother.

“Most channels want to create their own content because it’s the content that gives you an identity,”  he said, clearly forgetting about his recent offering Make Or Break, a show that viewers described as a rip off of Love Island and Ex On The Beach.

“I don’t want a show from another channel, it was there before I came.

“I would be much happier with a channel that did not have Big Brother on it.

“I want to create our own programmes.

I don’t really want other people’s programmes.

“I want my own that we have created.”

The civilian version of the show, which has been screened on Channel 5 for the past six years, scored terrible ratings this summer, rating as low as 650, 000, while direct rival Love Island was pushing three million on ITV2.

Love Island trounced Big Brother in the summer ratings (Credit: ITV2)

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The recent celeb series has fared better pushing 2million every night but it’s believed that next summer’s series will be the last as the BB contract is up for renewal.

“The people at Channel 5 have been keen to off load the series because it’s seen as a turkey, even though the celebrity edition does better,” a source told ED.

“Producers have been told to make next year’s Celebrity show the biggest and best yet so it can go out with a bang!”

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If Channel 5 does ditch the show does this mean Channel 4 might snatch it back?

Who knows? It’s just stolen Bake Off from the BBC and with Big Brother other schedule, Channel 4 could be a destination channel all over again.

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