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Big Brother Best Shows Ever viewers ‘disappointed’ over classic Jade Goody episode

Jade appeared in series three

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Big Brother three brought us some of the most memorable housemates ever, including Jade Goody.

But last night’s Best Shows Ever episode left old-school fans disappointed as they had hoped to see more of the iconic Jade.

Other housemates in the 2002 series included eventual winner Kate Lawler, Alison Hammond and Adele Roberts, all of whom have gone on to have glittering careers in the showbiz industry.

Jade Goody first appeared on our screens in series three of Big Brother (Credit: Channel 4/YouTube)

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Where was Jade Goody on the Big Brother Best Shows Ever?

But the Best Shows rundown chose to focus on Sandy Cumming, who became the first ever housemate to climb over the wall and escape.

The show began by screening Alison’s early eviction in week three – which left some viewers stunned she went so early.

But it was the surprising lack of ‘classic’ Jade moments that really wound fans up.

The dental nurse became famous in the house for her drunken antics and comments, but became loved by the nation.

What was Jade known for?

Jade Goody and Adele Roberts
Jade’s row with Adele over her verruca wasn’t shown (Credit: Channel 4/YouTube)

However, viewers watching the classic series three episode last night (Monday, June 23) were left gutted that we didn’t get to see more of those moments.

Jade was known for her outbursts over the discovery of her verruca, asking “am I minging”, her fight with Adele, and getting drunk and naked.

But none of those moments were shown, instead the focus was on Sandy wanting to leave.

What did fans say?

Fans weren’t happy about it.

Big Brother pays tribute to Jade Goody

Rylan Clark-Neal hair
Host Rylan led a Big Brother tribute to Jade Goody (Credit: Channel 4)

At the end of the episode, host Rylan Clark-Neal paid tribute to Jade.

“We need to take a minute or two to talk about Jade,” he told co-host Davina McCall. “She was the perfect housemate.”

“If we had a factory where we were able to build housemates I think Jade would be one of the first off that production line. She really, really would.”

Davina agreed: “She was beautifully flawed, I think all of us could relate to her in some form or another.

“We felt for her, we cried with her, we laughed at her then we started laughing with her, then we loved her with all of our hearts. She was just an extraordinary person.”

Fans at home were brought to tears by the tribute: “Feel so emotional watching this,” commented one.

Rylan explains all

It’s not the first time the highlights show has come under fire for showing disappointing episodes.

Last week, Rylan tweeted to explain to fans that he and Davina had picked other episodes that weren’t allowed to be shown.

Big Brother Best Shows Ever continues tonight at 9pm on E4.

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