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Bidding Room star Nigel Havers ‘gave up working’ to care for second wife Polly during her final years

The Bidding Room star stuck by Polly throughout her illness

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The Bidding Room host Nigel Havers is a household name in the UK, but his life off-screen has been anything but easy.

Nigel, 68, was married to his second wife Polly Williams for over a decade. The pair met when they began having an affair while he was married to his first wife.

However, their marriage was cut tragically short when she died from ovarian cancer in 2004.

Polly found out she had ovarian cancer after having a hysterectomy.

bidding room nigel havers
Polly died from ovarian cancer in 2004 (Credit: Photo by Alan Davidson/Shutterstock)

Nigel Havers on his second wife’s death

The actor previously spoke about losing Polly during an appearance on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories in 2017.

At the time, he recalled how “immensely brave” Polly had been right up until her final defiant words.

He said: “It was a tragic thing. Of course, because she was determined not to die. She was immensely brave, god, and she fought it tooth and nail for six years.

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“I gave up working for the last three, really. I just wanted to be with her and make sure she was okay.”

Nigel recalled that Polly refused to give in to the disease, even in her final moments alive.

He added: “You know the last thing she said to me? I was in the hospital until the end really, and I stroked her hair and said, ‘Darling, just relax. Take it easy.’ And she said, ‘[bleep] off. I’m still fighting this.'”

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Nigel and Georgiana Bronfman began dating the same year (Credit:

After Polly passed away, Nigel ended up meeting his third wife, Georgiana Bronfman, the same year.

They tied the knot three years later, in 2007.

“She’s fantastic. I’m very lucky. We only live once, don’t we? Make the most of it. And I’m just having this wonderful time,” said Nigel.

He added: “She had been single for a long time, I was fairly newly single and we just rocked on so well and I’m so happy. Very happy… She is fantastic. I’m very lucky.”

The happy couple has been together ever since, with the pair recently celebrating fourteen years of marriage.

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