BGT’s Julia Carlile reveals the results of her life-changing surgery

Simon Cowell paid for the teen dancer's operation

Do you remember the very brave and talented young girl Julia Carlile?

She was part of a dance troupe called The Mersey Girls who entered Britain’s Got Talent and made it through to the semi-finals.

Julia appeared on BGT and told the judges she had scoliosis Credit: Instagram)

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At the time she made headlines because at the end of her audition she announced that she was living with scoliosis and that there was a great chance she may never be able to dance again.

Simon was so moved by her plight that he agreed to pay treatment that would see her curved spine corrected.

Well, months on, Julia appeared on This Morning to give viewers an update of her condition.

And it’s looking good.

Julia says that the treatment that Simon Cowell paid for is working (credit: ITV)

Speaking on the show, she explained that she’s been through a tough time.

“It has been really hard, probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever done,” she said.

“But yesterday was a breakthrough, I just decided I’m going to get better now, because I just want to dance.”

Julia is very grateful to Simon for his generosity (Credit: ITV)

Discussing what her life would have been like without the surgery, Julia said she thinks that her health would have been a lot worse.

“Probably by now I would have had the fusion and I’d probably be at home recovering, a lot slower than I am now,” she said.

“I’d probably be a mess because knowing I’m not going to dance again, I’d be like ‘What do I do now?’

“So honestly this has changed my life for the better.”

The 15-year-old schoolgirl underwent two six-hour ops in the space of a fortnight.

Speaking to This Morning’s resident doc Dr Zoe Williams, Dr Darryl Antonacci explained the procedure.

“For 40 years it’s been treated with metal rods coming through the back of your spine, with a lot of muscle disruption and a large, large surgery,” he explained.

Julia had two six hour ops in the space of eleven days (Credit: ITV)

“This surgery comes in from the side and instead of a metal rod we put a flexible cord and that flexibility of the cord allows you to correct the curve – basically like cinching a belt – but then it maintains flexibility.”

He added that Julia had handled the surgery like “a gem”.

Julia says she is indebted to Simon for his generosity and said if she could speak to him she would say: “‘Thank you so, so much!'” Honestly there’s no words that you can say to thank him, because what he’s done is the best thing for me ever, ever, ever.”

A week after the ops, she is back on her feet and rehearsing (credit: ITV)

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A week on form her surgery and brave Julia is back on her feet and rehearsing again.

Viewers were fast to tweet their thoughts and many expressed their admiration for the little girl and all she’d been through.

One said: “I’m an old softie. In tears watching this interview on #ThisMorning. Girls will be inspired by her, she’s awesome.”

Another said: What a brave, incredible young girl. You’re going to have an amazing future.”

While another wished her a “steady recovery” adding, “I pray she’s able to return to doing her dancing @SimonCowell is very kind.”

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