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BGT viewers slam ‘rude’ Alesha Dixon and accuse her of being ‘bitter’ over last night’s Golden Buzzer

She really didn't like Mr Cuddles

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ITV’s BGT made a welcome return to our screens last night (11 April), giving us a bit of normality in these strange times – but some viewers accused Alesha of being ‘rude’.

But there was one act that really got people talking, not least because of the way one of the judges responded to it.

Mr Cuddles – who, by the way, was anything but cuddly – got three presses of the buzzer early on in his bizarre alien puppet act. But it was Alesha’s rather abrupt response that really seemed to get people talking.

The singer turned talent show judge aggressively hit her buzzer less than a minute into the act, rolling her eyes and shaking her head.

What did viewers think?

Taking to Twitter, fans of the show couldn’t help but comment on her reaction to the act. Although it was “weird”, as one woman in the audience said, it did catch people’s attention.

In fact, some thought Amanda and David were out of order too – suggesting that it’s time Simon changes his panel.

Simon must have known it wouldn’t be Alesha’s cup of tea, turning to her and saying: “I knew you were going to do that,” before carrying on watching the act.

And another person thought that it was all because she had missed out on the Golden Buzzer moment earlier in the show.

Another viewer tweeted: “Alesha is defo [bleep] off she didn’t get to press the Golden Buzzer.”

ITV Britain's Got Talent
Mr Cuddles on Britain’s Got Talent. (Credit: ITV)

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The act itself was definitely an odd one, with an audience member saying she felt “scared” to start with.

What was the act?

It involved a ventriloquist who had a cut on his head, dressed in what looked like a lab coat, with an alien puppet. He transformed into a pretty terrifying version of Simon in his invention – the ‘Disguise-a-tron’ – but we didn’t get to see what happened next.

Before the act had a chance to finish, Amanda had already pressed Simon’s buzzer for him!

ITV Britain's Got Talent
The other judges were branded rude for pressing Simon’s buzzer for him. (Credit: ITV)

You can certainly see why people thought they had been rude.

– Britain’s Got Talent returns next Saturday (April 18)

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