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BGT 2022 viewers are all saying the same thing about acts featuring kids

Furious viewers claim it is a 'joke'

BGT 2022 viewers had one big, recurring complaint on Twitter during last night’s (Saturday May 28) final auditions show.

Dozens of fans took to social media to express the same general reaction to what they were watching on ITV.

And even though viewers may have got their opinions over with different degrees of intensity, it all boiled down to the same point about acts including kids.

Viewers, very clearly – whether puzzled, mildly annoyed or borderline furious – believe Britain’s Got Talent features too many children.

BGT 2022 judge David Walliams was charmed by the acts
BGT 2022 judge David Walliams, along with the other judges, was charmed by the acts (Credit: Britain’s Got Talent YouTube)

BGT 2022 complaints about children

Several performances during the last round up of auditions before next week’s live semi finals involved youngsters.

Among them were singer Cormac, Attraction Juniors with their anti-bullying message, members of Team Unite and nine-year-old dancer Mischa Palor.

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However, it seems many people at home felt they were watching performances that parents may be proud of, but viewers of a TV broadcaster on a Saturday night might demand more from.

“Is this Britain’s Got Talent or Children Have Talent? #BGT,” one viewers summed it up after the parade of children’s acts.

Mischa dances on BGT 2022
Talented Mischa was among other acts involving kids on the show (Credit: Britain’s Got Talent YouTube)

‘Not more kids!’

Following the timeline of tweets during the show, Twitters users became increasingly exasperated throughout as more kids popped up.

“Not more children #BGT,” one person tweeted as performers rolled onto the stage.

“Is it all kids tonight? FFs #BGT,” pondered another whose suspicions turned out to be correct.

Someone else wailed: “MORE BLOODY CHILDREN #BGT.”

While someone else rolled their eyes: “Oh look more children #BGT.”

And eventually one worn down viewer insisted: “No more children, sorry #BGT.”


Other, similarly incredulous, onlookers felt the show’s casting had taken the wrong approach.

“Please not another children special evening #BGT,” one dissatisfied user begged, adding a yawn emoji to their post.

Another unimpressed viewer added: “These kids acts on BGT have me cringing #BGT.”

“Am I being horrible… I can’t be [blank] with kids on here! #BGT,” offered another frustrated fan.

And yet another put it: “Too many [blank]ing kids on this year! #BGT.”

Should there be a BGT Kids show?

More critical viewers seethed about whether an entirely separate show might be required, echoing previous calls for kids to be ‘banned’.

“Oh no! It’s a children choir now. This is the kids edition #BGT,” one Twitter user commented.

They need a BGT kids spinoff instead of having 50 million kid acts on the main show.

Another person who had seen enough suggested: “They should do Britain’s Got Talent Kids just like The Voice Kids #BGT.”

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Similarly, someone else chipped in: “They need a #BGT kids spinoff instead of having 50 million kid acts on the main show. I’ve had enough.”

And someone else raged about the audition process: “Four acts so far on #BGT, all kids. What a joke. They all go through because the judges can’t say no to them. Where are the adults? As @SimonCowell just said ‘the kids are taking over this year’. So true.”

BGT 2022 live finals week starts on ITV on Monday May 30 at 8pm. It continues at the same time every weeknight until Friday June 3.

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