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Bodyguard viewers were blown off their sofas as Keeley Hawes’ character was killed off in the BBC drama during last night’s episode.

Home Secretary Julia Montague was hurt in last week’s bombing and succumbed to her injuries in the fourth outing of the political thriller.

Julia ahead of the blast (Credit: BBC)

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THEN… apparently reeling from her death, her protection officer David Budd (Richard Madden) attempted to take his own life.

But he failed, because the bullet in his gun had been switched for a blank. By who? We don’t know… (although Piers Morgan has a pretty compelling theory that Julia did it, more on below…).

In other scenes, it seemed that PR man Tahir, who carried the briefcase onto the stage ahead of the blast, was being hung out to dry (figuratively, of course, he was blown to smithereens…). And PC Kim lost her life in the line of duty.

What WAS in the briefcase? (Credit: BBC)

Twitter is ablaze with theories and questions from viewers with wild imaginations. Here are some of the most popular…

Julia isn’t actually dead!

Lots of people think that the Home Secretary is actually alive, and that she has been declared dead to aid the investigation. It’s an interesting theory, but let’s remember that Bodyguard writer Jed Mercurio had no fear killing off his main characters (played by major names) in his other acclaimed drama, Line of Duty.

Nods to Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet

For never was a story of more woe than this of Julia and her, er, Dave (Credit: BBC)

There appear to be a few nods. Let’s look at her name… Julia isn’t too far from Juliet… Montague was Romeo’s surname. She’s died (or has she?); on discovering this, David tried to kill himself (Romeo actually succeeded). Star-crossed lovers who can’t be together because of a long-standing feud… Hmmm.

David is behind the bomb attack…

How is David’s PTSD manifesting? (Credit: BBC)

He is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, this much we do know. Is it conceivable that he orchestrated the attack, but is blocking it out/has some kind of split personality disorder?

Who is the fired assistant’s ‘boyfriend’?

In episode one Julia fired her assistant, who then tried to rat on her to a broadsheet newspaper. We last saw her leave in a 4 by 4, driven by a young man. She hasn’t been seen since (yet…) but did we see the same man at a veterans meeting in episode two?

Who is Vicky’s boyfriend?

He’s not been seen, or mentioned by name? You’d have thought David would have been digging as far as Down Under to find out who was warming the bed of the wife he still loves…

Who is David’s ex dating? (Credit: BBC)

Who is Richard Longcross?

The man who gained access to Julia’s hotel room? Was he part of an inside job to rid Cabinet of the unpopular Home Secretary? Is he Vicky’s boyfriend?!

Plenty to mull over and twist your moustache to here…  Or do you agree with some of the musings? We’re desperate to know your thoughts.

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