Benidorm viewers convinced they spotted Dec Donnelly in last night’s show… IN DRAG

The resemblance to the Geordie fave was, er, uncanny!

Declan Donnelly may be going it alone for the first time in his TV career soon… but we’re not sure a cameo in last night’s Benidorm marked the start of his going solo, despite some fans wondering otherwise.

Viewers of the ITV comedy drama were left questioning whether Dec was making an unlikely guest appearance as a female impersonator after several noticed a likeness between an extra spied in the background of Tacky Jackie’s Blow ‘n’ Go and the Saturday Night Takeaway host.

Also seen trudging around the pool in a rather ill-fitting ensemble and brunette wig during a scene featuring undercover detectives Dennis and Nigel (played by 1980s comedy duo Hale & Pace), it seems some viewers were genuinely stumped as to whether Dec had gone all-inclusive.

Ant? Never. Dec? Hang on, we’ll get our glasses… (Credit: ITV)

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There were even thoughts the actor in the blonde wig could’ve been Ant, too – even though that could quickly be dismissed by, well, looking at his face with functioning eyes.

Even Derren Litten, the show’s writer, made reference to the resemblance on Twitter, egging on the possibility Dec had joined the cast.

Luckily, the gag was one most saw the funny side of… although some people responding to Derren were not impressed (and also very sweary, so their response is not found here on ED!).

And in very bad news for Dec’s ego, one viewer compared the performer’s appearance to ‘Piers Morgan in a wig’.

Dec has a bit on his plate at the moment (Credit: ITV)

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Not sure about the timing, Derren. But at least Benidorm viewers got some entertainment from it.

Benidorm is on ITV, Wednesdays at 9pm.

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