Benidorm SPOILER: Character ‘returns from the dead’ in tonight’s episode

The Solana Hotel guests are in for a shock!

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The guests of the Solana hotel are in for a shock tonight when Kenneth appears, just as they’ve started to come to terms with him being dead.

Kenneth’s not dead (Credit: ITV)

He’s been presumed dearly departed after jumping into the sea during last week’s episode.

He was attempting to get help after the boat failed to turn up to take Joyce’s wedding party back from the ceremony at Peacock Island.

Kenneth made an extra special effort for the wedding (Credit: ITV)

But at the end of the episode, a name tag saying Kenneth washed up on shore… leading viewers to the conclusion that he’d not made it.

And as the wedding party eventually get back to the Solana in tonight’s episode, they discover that he didn’t make it back to the hotel.

They then start to accept the worst.

But alive he is – and Kenneth sure makes some noise when he learns that his salon has been turned into an unlicensed dental surgery by Stanley Keen.

Kenneth is furious with Stanley (Credit: ITV)

It’s not long before Stanley has Kenneth in his dentist’s chair and chomping on a mouth guard… seemingly not of his own free will, though…

Stanley has Kenneth right where he wants him (Credit: ITV)

Elsewhere in tonight’s episode, Rob Dawson returns with a new partner, but the family can’t work out if they will be meeting an Arthur of a Martha.

There was something of a furore after Benidorm returned for its 10 series last week, and The Sun reported the comedy drama had been axed.

Creator Derren Litten hit back at the story, denying the popular show has been dropped…

Hurrah to that.

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