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Benidorm viewers demand more repeats after emotional series eight finale

Actor Tony Maudsley said it's one of his favourite episodes

Viewers have called on ITV to air more series of Benidorm after repeats of the show concluded last night with scenes that had them in tears.

Series eight of the popular sitcom has been airing over the last few weeks.

ITV has been showing series eight of Benidorm (Credit: ITV)

What happened in the Benidorm series eight finale?

But it concluded last night with the episode where Kenneth (Tony Maudsley) and Liam (Adam Gillen) sing on stage together, after the latter’s return.

And now, Benidorm viewers are asking ITV to bring the other series back to their screens.

It came to an emotional conclusion last night (Credit: ITV)

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One hopeful viewer said on Twitter: “#Benidorm will we get series nine next week @ITV?”

Another wrote: “@ITV please tell me there’ll be more #Benidorm on our screens. It’s really cheered me up and makes my week! @DerrenLitten @TonyMaudsley1.”

A third said: “Dear @ITV, oh how we’ve enjoyed this BENIDORM rerun! We all LOVE and desperately MISS this show so PLEASE now consider repeating the rest of what is undoubtedly your FLAGSHIP comedy! Heaven knows, we all need laughter at the moment! Thank you! #Benidorm.”

Kenneth actor Tony tweeted ahead of the episode airing and told fans it is one of his favourites of the whole show.

Top episode

He wrote: “One of my favourite episodes of Benidorm tonight – the one where Liam came back #WelcomeHome 9pm on ITV.”

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And a number of his followers admitted the scenes with Liam’s return left them feeling emotional.

“I blaaarted like a girl when I watched this,” said one. “Almost as much as when Mel and Madge sang Spanish Eyes. It’s amazing how @DerrenLitten can bring such changes in emotional tempo in all his comedy work.”

“Got to be one of my favourite episodes ever,” another agreed, adding: “And the look on Lesley’s face as Liam enters the stage is priceless. Still brings a tear to my eye! You two should release it as a single.”

“Oh the one that makes me cry happy tears,” said a third, adding in a separate tweet: “Yep. Cried again tonight.”

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