GMB viewers brand Ben Shephard ‘rude’ as he clashes with Kate Garraway

It was their first row in 20 years

Viewers of Good Morning Britain slammed Ben Shephard for constantly ‘talking over’ his co-host Kate Garraway during a debate on today’s show.

The reason for the heated argument? Should you recline your seat on an aeroplane?

Ben Shephard slammed for talking over Kate Garraway
Ben and Kate mid-debate (credit: ITV/Good Morning Britain)

It came after a viral video was shared on the show of an American Airlines passenger smashing the back of a headrest after the passenger in front reclined.

Ben was anti-reclining on short haul journeys, whereas Kate was more tolerant.

The 52-year old suggested that she could recline but not completely. However Ben ‘cut her off’, stating that it was never okay.

Ben Shephard and Kate Garraway
Kate trying to put her point across (credit: ITV/Good Morning Britain)

Ben went onto say: “The seats don’t go fully back. The seats only go a small portion back.”

Kate said: “Hey, let me finish. We haven’t had a row in 20 years! It might kick off this morning,” leaving the other presenters looking a little awkward.

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Ben responded: “Here’s the thing. You’re absolutely right. There’s a reclining function on all these seats.”

Ignoring Kate’s attempts to join in the conversation Ben continued: “Just because you can, should you do it when you’re on a short haul flight and make everyone uncomfortable?”

Following Ben and Kate’s dispute, viewers seemed to take aim at Ben, accusing him on Twitter of being ‘rude’ and ‘cutting off’ Kate as their spat became heated.

One person wrote: “@GMB wish Ben would pipe down and let Kate speak for one.”

Another said: “Ben Shephard is being extremely rude this morning; constantly cutting Kate off and aggressively pushing his opinions #GMB.”

A third viewer diplomatically said: “Do love a discussion with Ben and Kate, they both manage to get there point across, without getting loud.”

While this fan said: “Ben you are not allowing Kate to put her point across clearly because you keep butting in, though we love you Ben! Let Kate finish her point! @GMB.”

We haven’t had a row in 20 years! It might kick off this morning.

Another wrote: “#gmb for god sake Ben, let Kate speak and stop talking over everyone!!!”

One viewer implored Ben to ‘chill out’: “@benshephard You’re coming across very hostile and rude just because @kategarraway doesn’t agree with you… what’s your name @piersmorgan? Chill out mate! #GMB.”

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