Ben Shephard leaves GMB fans blushing with shock 'Bake Off level innuendo'

Ben Shephard leaves GMB fans blushing with shock ‘Bake Off level innuendo’

The Good Morning Britain host was left cringing after realising what he'd said

Ben Shephard left Good Morning Britain fans blushing today (June 18).

He was speaking to GMB correspondent Nick Dixon at the time, who was reporting on the reopening of Greggs live from Haywards Heath.

Ben Shephard
Ben Shephard shock GMB fans with a Bake Off level innuendo (Credit: ITV)

Ben Shephard makes shock innuendo

Perhaps not thinking before he spoke, Ben asked: “So Nick what time is the sausage coming out? What time is…”

The presenter then cut himself off after realising what he had said.

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Laughter could then be heard from the crew who were standing off camera in the ITV studios.

“Stop it,” he awkwardly told them. “Where’s the cheer there?

Susanna Reid
Susanna Reid certainly saw the funny side (Credit: ITV)

“The sausage roll I was going to go on to say except I was interrupted by my own thoughts.

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“Nick, we will be back to you a little later on to make sure all is up to scratch and your cameraman is happy with his sausage roll.”

Meanwhile, Susanna Reid was in hysterics as she joked: “I definitely need my hearing tested this morning!”

Greggs reopens today (Credit: Shutterstock)

GMB correspondent seems ‘delighted’

Nick could be seen grabbing his ear phone, possibly not thinking he heard Ben correctly.

If he did, the joke was possibly lost on the correspondent who didn’t crack a smile as he gave the studio a very straight forward answer.

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“They are firing up the oven,” he said. “We’re to believe it’s a 25 minute process, so there you go.”

Laughing back in the studio, Ben pointed out: “Nick seems delighted about that!”

Ben Shephard
Ben looked a little red-faced after realising what he’d said (Credit: ITV)

GMB fans left blushing

But his bizarre sausage joke wasn’t lost on viewers at home who were quick to take to Twitter afterwards.

“What time is the sausage coming out?” wrote one.

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“Rolling on the floor laughingRolling on the floor laughingRolling on the floor laughing Oh @benshephard @GMB #Greggs #SausageRoll”

Another then added with a series of laughing emojis: “@GMB @benshephard @susannareid100 ‘what time is the sausage coming out.”

Moments later, a third tweeted: “”what time is the sausage coming out?” Bake off level innuendo there Ben Shepard! #GMB.”

Shortly  after, a fourth commented: “Ben and his sausage roll #GMB.”

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