Ben Shephard mid conversation on GMB on May 19, 2022

Ben Shephard shares sweet family news on GMB: ‘I can’t believe it’

Ben revealed plans for his son's birthday

Ben Shephard revealed some sweet news about his son on Good Morning Britain today.

The Tipping Point host, 47, told viewers that his son Jack is turning 17 next week and opened up about his family’s plans for the occasion.

Ben revealed that he and his family have got tickets for Top Gun: Maverick next Wednesday.

Ben Shephard looking and talking to Kate Garraway on GMB May 19, 2022
GMB’s Ben revealed plans for his son Sam’s birthday (Credit: ITV)

GMB today

Speaking to co-star Kate Garraway, Ben said: “It’s my Sam’s 17th birthday.

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“So the film comes out next Wednesday officially… it’s my Sam’s 17th birthday, I can’t believe he’s 17.

“And we’ve got tickets for Maverick for next Wednesday and we’re gonna go as a family altogether.”

Ben Shephard looking at camera as Kate Garraway looks at him on GMB May 19, 2022
Ben said he can’t believe his son is turning 17 (Credit: ITV)

Ben has two sons – Sam and Jack – with his wife Annie.

Last December, Ben celebrated his own birthday and shared a photo with his boys to Instagram.

It showed Sam towering above his dad while Jack looked like he wasn’t far off being the same height as Ben.

In the picture, the trio are seen with their arms wrapped around each other while facing away from the camera.

Ben wrote: “So just wanted to say thank you for all the really lovely birthday messages.

Ben Shephard mid conversation on GMB on May 19, 2022
Ben has two sons with his wife Annie (Credit: ITV)

“I had a great day can’t believe I’ve had 47 of them!?!? How do that happen.

“V special day with the family, the only benefit of these two getting way bigger than me, is they can hold me up too!!”

Fans loved the pic as one gushed: “Happy birthday Ben, I bet you’re a cool dad!”

Another said: “Special moment with your boys.”

Ben previously opened up about his sons in an interview in 2020 following the first Covid-19 lockdown.

Ben Shephard children

Speaking about the impact of the lockdown, Ben said on BBC Radio 5 Live: “Jack is much smaller, but he is the emotional one and the one who will explode. Sam is a lot more gentle.

“Often, if there’s anything physical, it will come from Jack. They’re good mates and they’re pretty different.”

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He added: “Having boys is like having dogs. You just need to run them every day. If they’re stuck inside every day, the built-up energy is extraordinary.

“As long as they feel like they’ve been able to exercise, then I’m very content with how that comes about.”

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