Beirut nurse GMB (Credit: ITV)

Beirut’s hero nurse leaves GMB viewers in tears after revealing how she saved babies from blast

Pamela Zeinoun spoke out on Good Morning Britain

Beirut nurse Pamela Zeinoun left GMB viewers in tears this morning (August 12).

The hero made headlines after she saved the lives of three premature babies following last week’s explosion.

Beirut nurse
Pamela Zeinoun is Beirut’s hero nurse (Credit: ITV)

Hero Beirut nurse shares incredible story

Pamela was initially knocked out by the blast.

But as soon as the nurse regained conciseness, her priority was getting the babies in her ward to safety.

Speaking to Kate Garraway and Adil Ray, she said:  “When the blast happened, everything on the unit was destroyed – incubators, supplies and the ceiling came falling on the ground.

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“I was able to move myself out from under the metal – there were metal shelves were on the floor and glass was everywhere.

“Then I went to move the babies – this was the only concern I had.”

As she looked around, she realised her colleagues had been badly injured with their blood dripping on the babies’ incubators.

“My nursing colleagues were all hurt, they were all bleeding,” Pamela recalled.

“They had cuts all over and weren’t responding to me. They looked at me with a blank stare.

“It was very devastating what happened. No one could understand what happened. We did not know what caused the blast.”

Beirut nurse
All three babies survived and are doing well (Credit: ITV)

Beirut nurse save three babies from blast

Pamela then took three babies from their incubators and tried to get them to safety.

She ran down four flights of stairs in darkness while trying not to slip on the blood.

“I grabbed the babies and went to ER but I could not get help as there was no ER left,” she revealed.

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“Everything had been destroyed. We had no electricity there either.”

Pamela then left and started making her way to the next nearby hospital which was 5km away.

The journey took her over an hour.

“It was really terrifying,” Pamela added. “I was walking down the street and people were asking me please how can we help you.

“I told them please just give me some covers, shirts, anything.

“People started taking off their shirts and giving me their shirts to cover the babies – they were only in the diapers as I didn’t have the chance to put anything on them.”

Against all odds, Pamela, got the babies to safety and all three survived.

She revealed: “The mother came to the hospital, she looked at the skeleton of the hospital and fell on the ground. She never thought her babies would survive.

“But they’re doing very well. They’re all. completely healthy, no scratches, nothing. It’s as if nothing happened”

Beirut nurse
Pamela’s story left GMB fans in. tears (Credit: ITV)

GMB viewers react

Pamela’s incredible interview left those tuning in at home in tears.

Taking to Twitter, one wrote: “The Nurse in Beirut rescuing those tiny babies….what a heroic woman. I’m crying. She ran 4 km to get 3 babies to safety what a superhero Superhero @GMB.”

Another then added:  “@GMB in awe of the nurse who saved the 3 prem babies.  Smiling face with 3 hearts what an amazing woman #beirut.”

Moments later, a third added: “Watching @GMB crying happy tears seeing those beautiful babies & Nurse Pamela. Strong journalism from @kategarraway & @adilray I would have broke during that interview Face throwing a kiss #PositiveVibes.”

Shortly after, a fourth posted: “The hero nurse is a true angel Red heart @GMB.”

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