Becky Vardy explains why childhood Christmas was “tough” for her

"Christmas was just an ordinary day" she says

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Most of us have warm fuzzy memories of Christmas Day when we were kids and all the fun that came with it.

But I’m A Celeb star Rebekah Vardy said today she didn’t celebrate Christmas as a child, as she was raised a Jehovah’s Witness.

Rebekah explained she’d grown up as a Jehovah’s Witness (Credit: ITV)

Speaking on Loose Women, Rebekah explained she couldn’t join the other presenters in reminiscing about their childhood Christmases because her family didn’t celebrate at all.

Rebekah was chatting after Bake Off winner Nadiya Hussain appeared as a guest on the show.

Guest Nadiya Begum explained how she feels about Christmas (Credit: ITV)

Nadiya explained that her family had never celebrated Christmas the traditional way, but instead focused on the spirit of Christmas, including giving gifts, helping others, and love.

Rebekah said her childhood Christmas Days were very different.

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“I grew up as a Jehovah’s Witness and there was no Christmas,” she said.

“It was horrible. I felt alienated from the other kids. I used to get hauled out of the assembly and it was an opportunity for kids to say, ‘haha you don’t have anything’ and poke fingers.”

No Christmas and no birthdays, Becky explained (Credit: ITV)

As Andrea McLean asked what they did on Christmas Day, Rebekah admitted it wasn’t a traditional way to spend the festive season.

“We went out knocking on people’s doors,” she said.

“It was an ordinary day. Christmas didn’t exist. As birthdays didn’t. It was quite tough as a child.”

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Becky was a guest Loose Woman today (Credit: ITV)

Becky is no longer a Jehovah’s Witness so she can celebrate Christmas with glee these days – although she refuses to spoil her kids.

“I don’t overindulge the kids,” she said. “We tend to focus more on what we can do for other people and what we do do for other people. I don’t tend to buy them lots of presents.

“I find giving them my time is more important than anything money can buy.”

Becky loves decorating her home for Christmas (Credit: ITV)

Although she may not indulge in gifts, she loves her Christmas decorations! Becky shared a photograph of her amazing decorations at home with the panel.

“I love watching the kids’ faces when they see them,” she said.

“I like to go quite over the top with our Christmas decorations because it makes it special for the kids.”

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