Beat the Chasers viewers stunned over Anne Hegerty rude joke

Beat The Chasers: Stunned viewers ‘spit out their wine’ as Anne Hegerty cracks rude joke

Poor Bradley Walsh didn't know where to look

Fans of Beat The Chasers were left stunned last night when Anne Hegerty cracked a rude joke.

Last night’s (Tuesday, April 28) episode of The Chase spin-off saw The Governess once again team up with her fellow quizzers to take on brave members of the public.

At one point in the show, host Bradley Walsh welcomed Joel, a contestant from Bristol who enjoys playing American football.

Beat the Chasers
Chaser Anne Hegerty joked she is a ‘wide receiver’ after contestant Joel explained how American Football works (Credit: ITV)

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He told Bradders his position is quarterback and when asked what that meant, he explained: “You know the wide receivers, right? They’re the guys who catch the ball. The quarterback defends the wide receivers.”

Anne Hegerty’s rude joke

“You’re a full-back in football!” Bradley replied.

After Joel took his turn at answering his first set of questions, he was then presented with the chasers’ offers.

Beat the Chasers
Anne shocked the studio audience and viewers at home (Credit: ITV)

When it was Anne’s turn to speak, she quipped: “I’ve been described as a wide receiver…”

The studio audience erupted into shocked laughter, while Joel covered his face and Bradley turned away in stitches.

Beat the Chasers
Joel and host Bradley Walsh didn’t know where to look (Credit: ITV)

When they settled, Anne set them off again by adding: “Having previously been a tight end.”

The comment stunned viewers on Twitter, with one writing alongside a laughing emoji: “I love @anne_hegerty #BeatTheChasers.”

I cannot find the words to say how I feel.

Another said: “SCREAMING @anne_hegerty! I bloody love you #BeatTheChasers.”

A third tweeted: “Omg Anne’s wide receiver comment.”

Someone else said, with a laughing GIF: “Anne’s been described as a wide receiver. I can’t #BeatTheChasers.”

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“‘Wide receiver’ and somewhere in heaven, [Carry On actor] Kenneth Williams is going ‘moo!’ #beatthechasers,” said a fifth.

Beat The Chasers viewers couldn’t believe it

Another shared a GIF of Maggie Smith’s character from Downton Abbey saying: “I cannot find the words to say how I feel.”

Someone else called Anne’s joke “hilarious”.

“Nearly choked on my wine with @anne_hegerty stating she’s been described as a ‘wide receiver’ having previously being a tight end,” said another, adding. “I’m gone.”

Beat The Chasers started on Monday (April 27) and airs every night this week at 9pm on ITV.

So far it’s gone down well with fans of The Chase, some of whom think the new format is even better than the original. Some, however, think the spin-off has too much talking and not enough quizzing.

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