Issa Schultz and Shaun Wallace on Beat the Chasers

Beat the Chasers viewers all spot same thing about new chaser Issa Schultz

The duo bonded quickly

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Beat the Chasers viewers all spotted the same thing about new Chaser Issa Schultz during last night’s show (Tuesday, May 17).

Viewers were loving the bond that Issa and Shaun Wallace seemed to have struck up during the show yesterday!

Shaun Wallace and Issa Schultz on Beat the Chasers
Shaun and Issa bonded last night (Credit: ITV)

Shaun Wallace and Issa Schultz on Beat the Chasers

Last night saw the second episode of Beat the Chasers air on ITV.

In a shock shake-up for the fifth season of the show, Anne Hegerty had to be replaced by Australian Chaser Issa due to Covid.

If viewers had any worries that Issa wouldn’t fit in with the usual cast, their fears were allayed during last night’s show

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Issa and Shaun looked to be bonding during the show, with the duo bumping fists when they did well.

Viewers were all over the new friendship that seemed to have emerged on the show.

They were also over the moon that Issa had slotted in so easily too!

Beat the Chasers star Shaun Wallace on The Chase
Shaun has a new mate on Beat the Chasers (Credit: ITV / YouTube)

Plenty of viewers took to Twitter to gush over The Dark Destroyer’s new found bond with The Supernerd last night.

“Shaun and the Aussie are bonding big time,” one viewer tweeted.

“Shaun and Issa’s fist bumps are the best part of the show like it’s so adorableee,” another said.

“Issa is settling in really well with the other Chasers,” a third wrote.

“Welcome. Issa! You fit right in,” another tweeted.

Issa Schultz on Beat the Chasers
Issa has settled in well (Credit: ITV)

New Chaser

Issa’s personality shone through more during last night’s show – especially in comparison to Monday night’s episode.

The 38-year-old Australian star was a little quiet on Monday, but there was good reason for this.

Mark Labbett, aka the Beast, took to Twitter to explain why Issa hadn’t been overly chatty during his Beat the Chasers debut.

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In case you think @Issa25 is quiet, he got off the plane from Australia a few hours before we recorded this #jetlag #BeatTheChasers,” he tweeted.

In an interview with The Sun, Issa revealed that he had been on a plane to the UK within hours of getting the call from ITV that he was needed to replace Anne.

“It was close to 1am Brisbane time – I’m a night owl and my Australia boss said to the UK bosses, ‘Just call him up, he’ll be up.’ And then I was on the plane, I think it was close to 9am that very morning,” he said.

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