Beat the Chasers

Beat The Chasers: Frustrated viewers slam show for being ‘too easy’

Not enough difficulty

Frustrated ITV viewers have accused new quiz show Beat The Chasers of being far too easy.

After last night’s (Tuesday, April 28) episode, the second in the five-part The Chase spin-off series, frustrated viewers took to Twitter to say they thought the questions were not difficult enough.

One said: “So many of those questions are so ridiculously easy… if it continues like that, the chasers will be beaten a lot. No wonder they’re trying to recoup thousands with a viewer competition.”

Beat the Chasers
Some viewers think the questions on Beat The Chasers are too easy (Credit: ITV)

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Another tweeted: “#BeatTheChasers wasn’t bad, but when the questions are so easy and the time offers so great, that even contestants with half a brain can walk of with tens of thousands… makes a bit of a joke of #thechase and very anti-climactic.”

Wrong format?

A third wrote: “The whole format of this show is wrong. It’s too easy to win and the cash builder means absolutely nothing… so stupid #beatthechasers.”

Last night’s episode included questions asking what type of chocolate is on a Jaffa Cake, and whether a bird of prey is carnivorous, herbivorous or insectivorous.

It’s too easy to win.

Someone else said: “Questions are too easy, any half decent quizzer could win on here if they got on #BeatTheChasers.”

“The questions are too easy on both sides,” said a fifth. “#BeatTheChasers They’re more akin to Tipping Point.”

“Questions on Beat the Chasers far too easy,” tweeted another, adding: “Chasers just got asked what animal lives in a warren ffs. #BeatTheChasers.”

Elswhere on last night’s episode of Beat The Chasers, Anne Hegerty had the audience and viewers at home roaring with laughter with a rude joke.

One contestant, Joel, said he plays quarterback in American football and explained to host Bradley Walsh that players in that position have to defend ‘wide receivers’.

What did Anne say?

Shortly after, The Governess jokingly referred to herself as a ‘wide receiver’, telling them: “I’ve been described as a wide receiver…”

Beat the Chasers
Anne Hegerty cracked viewers up with a rude joke (Credit: ITV)

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Beat The Chasers started on Monday (April 27) and airs on ITV every night this week at 9pm.

Fans of The Chase have praised it so far, with many even pointing out that they prefer this format to the original. Others, however, think Beat The Chasers contains too much chit-chat with the contestants.

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