Beat the Chasers contestant Sam 'has been bulled over her hair'

Beat the Chasers contestant ‘bullied for years over her hair’ hits back at troll and ‘forgives’ them

Viewers were unpleasant about her curls on social media

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A contestant on Beat the Chasers turned the tables on a Twitter troll who mocked her over her curly hair.

Sam from Preston impressed host Bradley Walsh when she revealed she is a lecturer in forensic psychology.

And she also got the studio audience – and the other Chasers – onside as she exchanged a bit of banter with fellow author Shaun Wallace.

But Sam also came under fire from trolls on social media who ridiculed her appearance.

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Coincidentally Bradley Walsh changed his haircut recently (Credit: ITV Hub)

What did the troll say about Sam’s look?

Sam quote-tweeted one particular troll during the show who targeted her hair.

The troll also ‘liked’ tweets suggesting Sam had a ‘Waynes’ World’ look and was wearing a ‘1980s perm wig’.

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They also posted about how they weren’t “warming” to Sam and were keen on seeing the Chasers beat her.

However, Sam picked up on one particular comment from the troll when they wrote about her: “She needs to spend the money in a salon. Her hair needs to be tamed #BeatTheChasers.”

Beat the Chasers contestant Sam smiles
Beat the Chasers contestant Sam killed the troll with kindness (Credit: ITV Hub)

How did Sam hit back?

Sam calmly put the troll in their place – and still retained her dignity.

She tweeted: “Embracing my natural curls after spending years being bullied for it.

Embracing my natural curls after spending years being bullied for it.

“In a world where you can be anything be kind.

“All the best to you #mentalhealthmatters #bekind.”

How the troll reacted

Despite being quote-tweeted, the troll later reacted to another person retweeting another gracious message from Sam.

Sam added: “Thank you for all the positive comments about tonight’s #BeatTheChasers episode.”

However, the troll sneered: “Positive comments? She obviously didn’t see my comments lol.”

Sam replied politely once again – but this time the troll kept their head down.

She responded: “No problem.

“Been bullied for my hair for years and I’ve worked in forensic mental health services for years.

“I’ve heard worse comments so don’t worry.”

Shaun Wallace looks amused
Shaun Wallace looks amused by Sam’s banter (Credit: ITV Hub)

How much did Sam win on Beat the Chasers?

Unfortunately, slapping down the troll was Sam’s biggest victory as she left the ITV gameshow without a cash win.

But she did gain the respect of the Chasers.

Sam explained that, while in the process of finishing her Phd, she also wrote a crime thriller in two weeks while taking two weeks off from studying.

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Teasing resident writer Shaun over her productivity, Paul Sinha took the Mickey out of his colleague and Mark Labbett pantomimed holding a handbag.

“I probably sold more copies as well!” Sam joked.

– Beat the Chasers next airs on ITV on Saturday,  September 25 at 8.30pm.

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