Bradley Walsh looking confused on Beat the Chasers

Beat the Chasers host Bradley Walsh stunned as contestant makes crass joke about Prince William

His 'Crown Jewels' were mentioned…

Beat the Chasers host Bradley Walsh was left stunned last night as a contestant made a crass joke about Prince William.

Frankie from Dorset appeared on the show to take on the team of six Chasers.

As Bradley welcomed him to the show, Frankie revealed that he was a retired police officer.

And, at some point in his career, he was stationed in Windsor.

But the Beat the Chasers host got more than he bargained for as he asked: “Listen, Windsor, policeman, were you on royal duties?”

Bradley Walsh on Beat the Chasers looking confused
Bradley Walsh looked a little confused as contestant Frankie told his joke (Credit: ITV)

Beat the Chasers contestants shocks Bradley with crass joke

Frankie did indeed have royal connections and proceeded to tell Bradley all about them.

“I worked at Eton College with William and Harry for five years,” he said, before telling the host a story about his time working with the royals.

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“I had the joy, I suppose, of dropping the future of king of England onto his backside,” Frankie said.

He explained: “I taught self defence for a while at the college and during a lesson William made a joke about my height or lack of it, he’s quite a big lad.

He fell to the floor and the Crown Jewels were squashed!

“So I demonstrated a technique on him and had to strike him fairly firmly,” he said.

Bradley interjected at that point and quipped: “And shoved him on his throne!”

Frankie continued: “He fell to the floor and the Crown Jewels were squashed!”

New Chaser Issa Schultz laughed along with the joke, with Bradley composing himself before asking Frankie his first question.

Frankie on Beat the Chasers
Viewers had a lot to say about Frankie’s hat (Credit: ITV)

Frankie’s appearance causes a stir

The joke caused a bit of a stir on Twitter – although one did claim it was a bit of a tall tale.

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“This bloke in the hat is making all this [bleep] up about William and Harry as he goes along,” they said.

Others also commented on Frankie’s appearance on the show, taking to Twitter to bemoan the fact he was wearing a hat.

“Hat on indoors!” slammed one.

“Another character with a hat,” moaned another.

Beat the Chasers continues on ITV, tonight, from 9pm.

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