Bradley Walsh looking perplexed on Beat the Chasers

Beat the Chasers 2022: Bradley Walsh lost for words over ‘sperm’ question

'What sort of show is this?!'

Beat the Chasers 2022 comes to an end tonight, but we still can’t get over a question on last night’s show (May 19).

Bradley Walsh reacted with disbelief when the question came up, with the shocked host unable to even read the question out on the first attempt.

Beat the Chasers contestant Leah held her head in her hands, covering her eyes as the question appeared, as did new Chaser Issa Schultz.

So what happened? Well read on and we’ll tell you!

Beat the Chasers host Bradley Walsh rubs his eyes
Beat the Chasers host Bradley Walsh couldn’t believe his eyes (Credit: ITV)

Beat the Chasers 2022: ‘I squeezed that sperm…’

Yes, you read that right, a question about sperm did come up on Beat the Chasers last night.

“‘I squeezed that sperm’…,” Brad started before a look of disbelief crept over his face.

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Laughing, he then read the full question: “‘I squeezed that sperm till a strange sort of insanity came over me’ is a line in which classic novel?

“It certainly ain’t the Bible that’s for sure,” he quipped.

Contestant hides her eyes on Beat the Chasers
Leah was shocked at the question, too (Credit: ITV)

The possible answers brought even more laughs.

“Animal Farm,” Brad announced to even more laughs.

Moby Dick then appeared on screen, with the studio audience laughing before Bradley even read the two words out.

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The Great Gatsby rounded out the possible answers, with Leah opting for the latter.

“Do you know what, I’m not sure about that, I think it might be Moby Dick,” said Bradley, revealing that Leah had indeed got the answer wrong.

“Sperm whale, no doubt,” he said, asking Darragh “The Menace” Ennis to explain.

“Sperm whales have a substance in their heads called spermaceti which was really really valuable,” he said.

“So whenever they caught one they had to get every last bit of it out, they were harvesting it from a caught whale,” he said.

Beat the Chasers star Issa laughing and hiding his eyes
Stand-in Chaser Issa also couldn’t believe what he was seeing (Credit: ITV)

Viewers react: ‘Er what?!’

One little look on Twitter revealed that Beat the Chasers fans were also pretty shocked by the question.

“‘I squeezed that sperm‘ Er…what?!?” said one.

“‘I squeezed that sperm’,” another mused. “So my dirty mind shouted out: ‘It must be 50 Shades of Grey!'”

“Of all the questions in the world and it has to be about sperm,” said another.

“Sperm as in whale, you dirty minded lot,” another quipped.

“What sort of show is this?!” another commented.

It was no Fanny Chmelar but that sperm question was still a funny Chase moment.

Others likened it to another classic Chase moment though.

“It was no Fanny Chmelar but that sperm question was still a funny Chase moment,” said one.

“‘I squeezed that sperm’. How has Bradley not cracked up? Was expecting another Fanny Chmelar moment,” said another.

For those not in the know, back in 2011, a contestant was asked what sport Fanny Chmelar was famous for.

Bradley pronounced her surname much like you would “smeller”.

And, as a result, he descended into fits of uncontrollable laughter.

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