BBC viewers in hysterics as Mo Farah’s son causes chaos during ‘shambolic’ live interview

Olympian was upstaged on Sports Personality Of The Year

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They say you should never work with children or animals but it seems Olympian Mo Farah never got the memo.

On last night’s Sports Personality Of The Year, he appeared via a live link with two of his four children in tow.

Mo Farah appeared via video link on last night’s BBC Sports Personality Of The Year with two of his children and his son stole the show(Credit: BBC)

And while step-daughter Rhianna, 12, was happy to sit quietly while her famous father tried to speak to the hundreds in the star-studded audience of the show in Liverpool and millions at home, his son Hussein, two, had other ideas.

As Gabby Logan tried to interview the World Champion about his year, the athlete didn’t hear a word as he was too busy grappling with his son on his lap as he whined.

The little boy’s tantrum also caused him to dislodge Mo’s microphone pinned to his shirt, so when he could finally speak, noone could hear him.

Gabby Logan had to ask Rhianna to take Hussein away as he caused a scene on live TV (Credit: BBC)

In the end, Gabby had to step in and ask if Rhianna could take Hussein off Mo so he could concrete on what she was asking him.

“Mo, I think Hussein is getting more of the airtime than you at the moment, he’s near your mic. If Rhianna can hold him for two seconds I will just ask you one more quick question.

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“Can you do that for us Rhianna? Thank you, babysitting money coming your way!”

As Hussein then threw a wobbler about being separated from his dad, his older sister swiftly took him away to the cheers of those watching in the crowd in Liverpool.

Viewers at home found the whole thing hilarious, saying it was “priceless” TV.

Others said Mo was “unprofessional” for having his children with him during the “shambolic” interview and feared it had dented his chances of winning the trophy.

Mo had been appearing via video link from London after being unable to make it to the live event in person.

His failure to make the trip up the M6 was perhaps because he didn’t expect to win, with boxer Anthony Joshua and F1 star Lewis Hamilton the favourites.

Things went from bad to worse when the live feed was lost (Credit: BBC)

In the end, neither of them even made the final three, with Strictly’s Jonnie Peacock taking one of the runner-up trophies.

Perhaps Hussein stealing the show did make a difference after all, as Mo was stunned when the video link returned to him to tell him he was the champion after receiving the most votes on the night.

Mo was stunned to be told he had won the trophy but then couldn’t give a speech as the feed was cut (Credit: BBC)

But then problems struck again as the live feed completely cut out when he went to give his victory speech!

But don’t blame the BBC! A few viewers had a theory on what really happened… Hussein’s revenge!

Mo retired from track running this year after winning gold and silver medals at the World Champs. But fear not, we’ll still see him and his family causing chaos on live TV as he intends to focus on road running instead.

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He will be taking part in next spring’s London Marathon.

Go Mo! But maybe leave Hussein with his mum when you do your live post race interview!