Dracula writer addresses viewers’ shock at vampire being ‘bisexual’

Everyone's on the menu

Fans and the writer of new drama Dracula have defended the show for appearing to portray Bram Stoker’s infamous baddie as bisexual.

The BBC’s adaptation of the 1897 horror classic, re-imagined by Sherlock writers Stephen Moffat and Mark Gatiss, got underway last night (01.01.20) and left viewers delighted, terrified and aroused in equal measure.

After watching the opening episode of the three-part series, a number of fans rushed to Twitter to defend this latest version of the titular character, who is played by Danish actor Claes Bang.

It’s created by the writers of Sherlock (Credit: BBC)

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One said: “Seeing people on Twitter getting outraged that #Dracula, the blood-sucking undead demon from hell, might be bisexual and that the Van Helsing character is a feisty, funny woman is helping me understand just how we’ve ended up in the mess we are in!”

Another wrote: “I see people didn’t realise that #Dracula has always been bisexual. Blood, disease and sex is the theme running through the novel. Dracula lives a life of excess in every way, it’s kind of the point. Van Helsing being a nun is a nice little change up though. #draculabbc.”

Any human being is on his menu. Loved it.

A third wrote: “If the thought of #Dracula being bisexual freaks you out, may I suggest you read the bloody book? Ta.”

A fourth tweeted: “Loving, as I suspected I might, #Dracula on @BBCOne. There seems to be a lot of reaction on Twitter to the fact that Dracula is depicted as bisexual, having both male and female ‘brides’. Drop the ‘bi’, he’s just sexual. Any human being is on his menu. Loved it.”

“Dracula is bi. Van Helsing is a badass woman,” said a fifth, adding: “Two mentions of gay sex in the first, like, minute. I’m already excited for episode two #Dracula.”

Showrunner Steven Moffat set the record straight in a chat with Metro and said Dracula isn’t actually bisexual – as he doesn’t have sex with anyone.

He told the publication: “He drinks their blood and that’s a distinction you have to make in life – they’re not the same thing. But inevitably Dracula has been seen as a very sexy character – one night with him is worth giving your life up for. It’s not but it should feel that way.

Dracula’s not actually bisexual, according to one of the showrunners (Credit: BBC)

“I think Dracula has correctly identified the weakness in the human race: that we lose our minds when sex is involved and he romances them into a clinch with his teeth into their necks.”

Whatever the Count’s sexual preference, it appears viewers were united in finding Claes Bang’s portrayal extremely “sexy”, with many admitting the Scandinavian star looked “fit”.

Danish star Claes Bang plays the infamous vampire (Credit: BBC)

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Someone tweeted: “I mean #Dracula is fit, isn’t he? As scary as this is, the fact he’s ridiculously good looking and is very fanciable is making it just about bearable.”

“Fit,” said another, using a heart-eyes emoji before adding: “Episode one, so good #Dracula.”

“Anyone else finding Dracula a bit sexy?” asked another.


– Dracula continues on BBC One tonight (02.01.20) at 9pm

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