BBC presenter gets the giggles over CLANG caption error

Someone wasn't on their A-game!

A BBC weather presenter struggled to contain a fit of giggles after a caption error labelled her an “ex-offender” during a live broadcast.

Kawser Quamer had just started giving the forecast on BBC Reporting Scotland when the words “Aaron Ramsay – Ex-offender” flashed up on screen.

Minutes later there was another mistake when the words “Julie Cree – Throughcare Support Worker” appeared as she was describing sunny spells across some areas.

Quamer fought to suppress laughter, occasionally turning away to regain composure as she presented the slot on the lunchtime programme on Wednesday.

However she was not the only presenter affected by the bloopers.

When the camera panned back to newsreader Catriona Shearer, the words “Vicky Stewart – Aaron’s fiancee” appeared on screen.

Quamer joked about the incident on Twitter, saying that she was “absolutely mortified” and adding: “Let’s do it all again tomorrow! (..this time maybe minus the #fitsofgiggles!) ”

She also tweeted a picture of herself and her colleague beside an ambulance car and wrote: “Oh look – my ride home after that crazy lunchtime broadcast! ”

The two women have been praised for their handling of the situation. Russell Gibb tweeted: “You held it together remarkably well! Very professional”, while Trevor Holohan wrote: “I commend you for your professionalism in carrying on like nothing happened. All credit to you!”

Scott Reid said: “My favourite weather forecast in some time, well played.”

Shearer‏ tweeted her colleague, saying: “You did SO well to carry on K. I was avoiding all eye contact.”