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Life BBC: Your questions answered about the new Doctor Foster spin-off

It's set to be the next big autumn drama

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Penned by Doctor Fosters’s Mike Bartlett, Life is the BBC’s big new drama.

Starting tonight (Tuesday September 29), the six-part series is set to become viewers’ latest drama obsession.

Life BBC
Alison Steadman stars as Gail (Credit: Sam Barker/BBC)

What is Life all about?

Dubbed as a spin-off of hit domestic thriller Doctor Foster, Life takes places in Manchester.

It focuses on a house that has been divided into flats.

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The drama features four of the residents in these flats, and there are stories of love, tragedy and self-discovery.

It stars the likes of Alison Steadman, Adrian Lester and Peter Davison

Life BBC
Victoria Hamilton returns as Belle (Credit: Claudia Leisinger/BBC)

Who else stars in Life?

Doctor Foster fans might recognise Belle, played by Victoria Hamilton.

Victoria says: “I play Belle Stone, a Pilates teacher.

I played her in Doctor Foster and, when you meet her again in Life she’s recently divorced from Neil and she’s struggling to keep everything together.

“I played her in Doctor Foster and, when you meet her again in Life she’s recently divorced from Neil and she’s struggling to keep everything together, whilst appearing to be fine on the outside.

“But as the series goes on, you realise that Belle’s got a lot of struggles.”

Who did Anna’s husband cheat with?

Known as Anna in Doctor Foster, her husband Neil (Adam James) slept with Gemma (Suranne Jones).

Gemma was intent on avenging her husband’s infidelity, and when she found out that Neil and Anna knew about Simon’s affair she decided to take action.

Neil is touted to appear in Life later in the series.

Saira Choudhry in Life
The drama is set Manchester. (Credit: BBC/Drama Republic/James Slack)

Where have you seen Saira before?

Saira Choudhry plays Saira, a young woman who doesn’t mince her words when it comes to declaring her interest in David.

Saira, 32, started her acting career in Hollyoaks and has since gone on to appear in No Offence and Porridge.

But it’s her role in Coronation Street as journalist Naila Badal that viewers will recognise her from.

Melissa plays pregnant Hannah (Credit: Sam Barker)

Who is Melissa Johns?

Melissa, who plays pregnant Hannah, appeared in the BBC thriller The Interceptor in 2015.

But viewers will also recognise her from Corrie – she played Kate Connor’s ex-girlfriend.

In total, Melissa appeared in the soap for two years, between 2017 and 2019.

Life BBC
Rachel plays David’s wife Kelly (Credit: Neil Sherwood/BBC)

Who else might you recognise?

One of the most recognisable guest-stars in Life is Rachael Stirling.

The daughter of Dame Diana Rigg, Rachael boasts a distinguished resume: you will have seen her in ITV’s Wild Bill, BBC Four’s The Detectorists and ITV’s The Bletchley Circle.

She plays David’s mysterious wife Kelly in Life.

Elsewhere, Susannah Fielding (who plays Belle’s troubled sister Ruth) recently appeared in This Time With Alan Partridge.

Finally, you might recognise Erin Kellyman (who plays Ruth’s daughter Maya) from comedy Don’t Forget The Driver.

And Calvin Damba (who plays Andy, the father’s of Hannah’s child) has appeared in Hollyoaks.

Will there be another series of Doctor Foster?

Although there has been no official confirmation, it looks increasingly likely that there won’t be a third series of Doctor Foster.

Star Suranne Jones was asked by to the Radio Times if the door had shut.

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“Yes” she replied. “I haven’t said that before in interviews, as I tend to say: who knows?

“I loved it, I love Mike Bartlett, but I think Gemma’s done.”

Questions we have for episode two

After Gail’s husband reveals his shock, will she go through with what she started?

Elsewhere, we find out the truth about David and Kelly’s relationship in a shock twist. This begs the question: what will David do next about Saira?

When Hannah gives birth to her baby, we want to know what’s the real nature of her relationship with Andy.

And, with Belle settling into her new life, what happens when her wayward niece Maya moves in?

Life starts on BBC One tonight (Tuesday September 29) at 9pm

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