BBC hit with sea of complaints over Luther being too “gruesome” and “dark”

The show has featured death by various bloody methods...

The BBC has been hit by a wave of complaints by viewers who are finding the latest series of Luther too dark, too gritty and too gruesome.

The returning drama, in its fifth series, has upset licence fee payers who feel the show has become “unbearable to watch”.

Poor Benny met an ultimately end (Credit: BBC)

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The first episode, which aired on New Year’s Day, introduced us to a serial killer who uses his victims as pin cushions.

It also saw a brutal attack on maverick detective Luther, who was beaten up and tortured by gangster George Cornelius in scenes many struggled to watch.

The following episode saw THAT bus scene which left fans vowing to never go on public transport again…

Luther bus stab scene
No thanks, I’ll get an Uber (Credit: BBC)

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All in all, the Idris Elba thriller is said to have featured over 37 violent and gory incidents in just three hours – according to The Sun, that means there’s been a horrifying moment as often as every four minutes and 48 seconds.

The newspaper reports that the first three episodes included 50 gunshots, 16 stabbings, 20 punches, five electrocutions and 11 dead bodies.

The distressing deaths have including the devastating assassination of Luther’s loyal sidekick Benny, and Alice’s slaying of George’s son as he lay asleep in bed.

Alice is back – and is causing mayhem (Credit: BBC)

And tonight’s climax is yet to come, which is set to see the dramatic showdown between Alice, Luther and George where surely they cannot all come out of it alive…

One fan threatened to turn over, tweeting: “FFS. I know it’s a dark and gritty drama, but guys, there’s no need for the heavy-handed barely watchable gloom. It’s barely watchable.”

Another said: “Whoever wrote this episode of “has issues” #Gruesome & #Creepy.”

A third said: “Luther definitely crossed over to the dark side.”

Despite the complaints, 5.63 million tuned into the first episode in which Alice returned at the end of the hour with an understated “wotcha”.

Ofcom regulations state that broadcasters should not show adult material immediately after the 9pm watershed, and should steadily transition into stronger material.

Actor Idris Elba, 46, has himself admitted that he doesn’t watch the show because it’s too dark.

He recently said: “If I’m honest I try not to watch the show. It’s dark, very dark. It’s not the kind of thing I like to watch. I’ve got my son so we just watch Shrek.”

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