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Sunday 24th May 2020

BBC Breakfast's Naga Munchetty apologises for 'microwaving pets' comment

Do NOT try this at home...

BBC Breakfast viewers probably thought they needed their ears de-waxing this morning as 'that nice' Naga Munchetty confessed to microwaving pets.

She then proceeded to giggle... not because she's a secret sadist, but because of an unfortunate slip of the tongue.

The TV host was introducing a segment on technology which could allow employers to insert microchips into the arms of their staff when she made the slip of the tongue.

An early morning slip (Credit: BBC)

Dan Walker took over from his co-host as she  put her head in her hands.

"We love our pets, we microwave them… microchip them!" she corrected.

"Do you want me to carry on?" Dan asked.

"We do not microwave pets on Breakfast, just to clarify! Shall I continue?" he asked.

Naga clarified what she meant (Credit: BBC)

We do not microwave pets. I think ‘microchip’ was the word Naga was looking for.

Former Strictly Come Dancing contestant Nana later tweeted: "In case there was any doubt… I do love my pets and have never microwaved any of them."

Dan added: "We do not microwave pets. I think ‘microchip’ was the word Naga was looking for."

One viewer wrote on Twitter: "Ha ha. I nearly choked on my morning cuppa, then seeing you struggle to stop giggling really made my day.”

Another wrote: "Was so funny. Good way to start the morning."

"Rabbit in microwave... "Hot Cross Bun!" another joked.

And one comedian said: "Grilled pet tastes better."

At least, we are really hoping that last comment was a joke...